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Laramie PD: demonstrations illegally entering roadway subject to citation

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Officials with the Laramie Police Department are putting protestors on notice, that if they illegally enter the roadway during demonstrations, they could be subject to citations.

The announcement came as a release from the Laramie Police Department, posted to social media June 25 ahead of a 5:00 pm demonstration in the community of Laramie.

“Beginning today, demonstrators are placed on notice that if they enter the roadway illegally, either to walk or to sit, they will be subject to citations for violation of Laramie Municipal Code,” the announcement read. “Warnings will initially be provided if people illegally enter the roadway and if they do not comply with that legal direction, they will be issued citations.”

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Demonstrations have been occurring in Laramie, home of the University of Wyoming campus, since June 2, 2020. The protests were among many being held across the country, following the death of George Floyd while in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department.

“Police Department officials have been in contact with the event organizers, who originally intended to hold similar demonstrations each evening last week. They were committed to conducting their demonstrations legally, peacefully, and with a minimum of public inconvenience,” Laramie PD said.

However, police officials report that on Sunday, 7 June, the demonstrations spilled onto Grand Ave, at times blocking portions of, or all of the roadway and then during a demonstration. It’s also reported by police that during a demonstration on June 10, conflicts occurred within the demonstration.

“These conflicts involved demonstrators and other people who hold different opinions regarding the issues being considered,” Laramie PD says. “Laramie Police Department officers responded to those conflicts, which involved both verbal altercations and criminal behavior, and addressed them.”

The Laramie PD further alleges that on June 24, approximately 70 demonstrators completely blocked both east and westbound lanes of Grand Avenue and then sat in the intersection of 3rd & Grand for 10 minutes.

“A number of complaints were received in Dispatch when people could not legally travel on the roadways,” Police officials said. “The safety of those involved in the demonstrations as well as those in our community is of utmost importance and that safety is jeopardized when pedestrians enter one of the busiest roadways in Laramie.”

Laramie visitors and citizens are being advised by the PD to expect some minor delays around the walking demonstrations, which are scheduled to go from the Downtown Plaza at 1st & Grand, to 15th & Grand, then back to the Plaza on June 25, at approximately 5:00 pm.