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Man accused of $2500 theft, faces charges in Cheyenne

Ernest Jaramillo (courtesy of the Laramie County Sheriffs Office)

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – A man arrested by law enforcement in Laramie county is facing accusations that he did not complete $2,500 worth of furnace and air conditioning work, after receiving the money from the accuser.

The 43-year old Cheyenne man made his initial appearance in Laramie County Circuit Court on Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 to hear the recommended charge of Felony theft read to him by Judge Thomas Lee, according to court paperwork.

Officials with the Cheyenne Police Department say they were contacted by an accuser who alleges that they paid Ernest Jaramillo $2500 in August of 2019 to replace equipment at their property and he never completed the task or refunded the money.

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According to court documents, the accuser advised police that they paid Jaramillo the $2500 to replace a furnace and an air conditioner and then agreed to pay him an additional $1300 upon completion of the work.

Investigators were notified by the alleged victim that they were provided a receipt for payment to Jaramillo at the time of the transaction.

The affidavit filed in the case says that when Jaramillo failed to complete the agreed-upon work, the accuser asked for their money back. It is alleged that Jaramillo informed the accuser that he had already purchased the equipment and could not return the money.

Court documents say that the accuser went on to ask Jaramillo to drop off the equipment so they could find another person to install it, but Jaramillo did not do that either.

The accuser told authorities that Jaramillo then stopped communicating with them.

According to Wyoming statutes an individual convicted of Felony Theft can face up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to 10k.