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Oil City Police Calls (4/1/21 – 4/2/21)

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Did you hear emergency sirens and wonder where they were headed? You can use our handy map and guide to find out more about Casper Police Department calls in the Oil City.

For privacy reasons, exact addresses and certain types of calls may not be included or certain calls may have some information withheld.

The CPD Incident Summary Report contains information about the time, approximate location, and nature of a law enforcement call; as the call was first received. The reported nature of the call may not necessarily represent the actual situation upon law enforcement arrival.

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Thursday – 04/1

Time Location Call Type
12:19 PM 5000 block of E 2nd St 911-Welfare
12:27 PM 3200 block of Cy Ave 911-Welfare
1:38 PM 3300 block of Provence Ct 911-Welfare
3:12 PM 200 block of N Beech St 911-Welfare
4:01 PM 1200 block of E 1st St 911-Welfare
4:21 PM 2000 block of S Walnut St 911-Welfare
9:05 PM 3100 block of Talon Dr 911-Welfare
9:03 PM 1400 block of Wilkins Cir 911-Welfare
11:30 PM 1300 block of S Forest Dr 911-Welfare
12:38 PM 1400 block of Wilkins Cir Alarm Security
7:37 PM 1200 block of S Forest Dr Animal Noise
8:43 PM 1100 block of Stafford Animal Noise
8:24 AM 11300 block of Zero Rd Animal Problem
10:18 AM 1000 block of N Lincoln St Animal Problem
8:48 AM S Cedar St & W 19th St Attempt-Locate
5:40 PM 3400 block of Whispering Springs Rd Attempt-Locate
8:42 AM 300 block of W F St Citizen Assist
4:16 PM 1600 block of S Conwell St Citizen Assist
3:45 PM 4800 block of S Oak St Citizen Assist
9:29 PM 1300 block of S Pennsylvania Ave Citizen Assist
11:53 PM 300 block of S Park St Citizen Assist
8:18 PM 1600 block of S Beverly St Citizen Comp
7:40 AM E 21st St & Kingsbury Dr Dead Animal
11:06 AM 1100 block of Mile Hi Dr Dead Animal
12:01 PM 4200 block of Cy Ave Disturbance
3:19 PM 4400 block of E 2nd St Disturbance
3:37 PM E K St & N Mckinley St Disturbance
7:32 PM 1900 block of S Missouri Ave Disturbance
1:43 PM 200 block of N David St Drug Destruct
10:18 AM 100 block of W F St Drugs
9:36 PM 4300 block of E 2nd St Extra Patrol
7:35 AM 2500 block of S Mckinley St Family Fight
8:18 PM 400 block of Trigood Dr Family Fight
10:32 PM 2400 block of Sagewood Ave Family Fight
12:39 PM N Poplar St & Us Interstat Hit And Run
1:42 PM E Collins Dr & S Center St Hit And Run
9:18 PM 3200 block of Aspen Dr Juvenile Prob
7:48 AM 1000 block of W Collins Dr Property Damage
7:56 AM 1300 block of S Pennsylvania Ave Reddi
1:08 PM 500 block of N Lennox St Reddi
8:04 PM N Poplar St & W F St Reddi
5:28 PM 1700 block of Cody Ave Runaway Juvnile
11:20 AM 4200 block of Cy Ave Shoplifting
1:46 PM N Lincoln St & E Yellowsto Shots Fired
8:28 AM S Washington St & E 10th S Stray Animal
12:40 PM 1600 block of Trojan Dr Stray Animal
12:59 PM S Conwell St & E 12th St Stray Animal
3:46 PM 600 block of N Sun Dr Stray Animal
5:18 PM Three Crowns Dr & King Blv Stray Animal
9:37 PM S Fenway St & Farnum St Stray Animal
6:16 PM 100 block of S Center St Structure Fire
7:08 PM 1600 block of E Yellowstone Hwy Suspicious
7:08 AM 300 block of W 14th St Theft
5:09 PM 1100 block of N Wolcott St Threatening
7:23 PM 400 block of E A St Threatening
8:19 PM S Poplar St & Sw Wyoming B Traffic Hazard
9:02 AM Sw Wyoming Blvd & Plaza Dr Traffic Stop
9:20 AM N Mckinley St & Burlington Traffic Stop
9:26 AM E 1st St & N Center St Traffic Stop
9:39 AM E 1st St & S Conwell St Traffic Stop
9:59 AM Cy Ave & Energy Ln Traffic Stop
10:08 AM Cy Ave & Westwood Hill Traffic Stop
10:13 AM E 2nd St & Blackmore Rd Traffic Stop
10:36 AM Cy Ave & Pheasant Dr Traffic Stop
1:29 PM E 13th St & S Beech St Traffic Stop
10:52 PM N Mckinley St & E C St Traffic Stop
11:05 PM N Center St & E H St Traffic Stop
11:17 PM E 2nd St & Thelma Dr Traffic Stop
11:29 PM E 2nd St & S Walsh Dr Traffic Stop
11:52 PM E 13th St & S Wolcott St Traffic Stop
10:19 AM 200 block of E 6th St Unconsciousness
7:47 AM 400 block of W 1st St Vehicle Aband.
11:27 AM 300 block of E 10th St Vehicle Aband.
11:17 AM 1400 block of S Boxelder St Vehicle Aband.
1:02 PM 500 block of Seminoe St Vehicle Aband.
4:11 PM 1400 block of Hazelwood Dr Vehicle Tow
2:20 PM 2400 block of Grandview Pl Vicious Animal
11:32 AM 5300 block of Cy Ave Wanted Person
3:43 PM 0 block of Yucca Cir Wanted Person
10:45 AM 1600 block of S Fenway St Welfare Check
9:32 AM 600 block of W 10th St Welfare Check
2:13 PM 2100 block of Begonia Welfare Check
3:20 PM 1100 block of S Cedar St Welfare Check
3:30 PM 1400 block of Missouri Ave Welfare Check
4:36 PM 300 block of S Elk St Welfare Check
10:36 PM 1000 block of N Jefferson St Welfare Check

Friday – 04/2

Time Location Call Type
6:22 AM 100 block of Sherwood Cir 911-Welfare
1:00 AM 5700 block of E 2nd St Alarm Security
5:19 AM 2100 block of E Yellowstone Hwy Burglary Busine
3:37 AM 100 block of W E St Citizen Assist
6:51 AM 1300 block of S Elm St Citizen Assist
5:21 AM 1400 block of S Washington St Suspicious
12:31 AM E F St Traffic Stop
12:51 AM W 1st St & N David St Traffic Stop