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Casper PD: City not falling for phone scam


CASPER, Wyo. —  The Casper Police Department says that a reported phone scam has yet to fool anyone in the Casper area. The scam pertains to US Border Patrol.

“We received multiple reports yesterday from very vigilant members of of the community about a new phone scam,” the Casper PD said in a statement Wednesday.

Police say the scam uses a phone number that appears to be local.

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Upon answering, citizens are reporting that an automated voice then claims to be US Border Patrol who says they are in possession of a package with the victim’s name, that contains contraband.

“Thankfully, our eagle eye residents saw this scam from the very beginning and were not victimized by it,” Casper PD says. “We’re grateful they took the time to let us know, so that we can inform the entire community.”

Police recommend that if you don’t know the number, don’t answer the telephone.

“If it’s important, they’ll leave a voicemail and you can call them back. And if you think you answered a scam call, never give out any information – hang up immediately,” Casper PD warns.