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Casper Agg Assault suspect accused of battery, wielding knife

File; Trevor T Trujillo, Oil City News

CASPER, Wyo. —  The suspect in an Aggravated Assault case made his initial appearance in Natrona County Circuit Court Tuesday. The man faces accusations in two seperate files, both alleging battery.

The suspect faces a charge of Aggravated Assault relating to an incident reported to the Casper Police Department on July 26, 2021. According to an affidavit filed in Circuit Court, the suspect is accused of entering a home where he was not invited, pushing a victim, and wielding a knife while making threatening comments.

Casper Police say that they responded to the private home near the area of Washington and 8th Streets in Casper, at approximately 3:30 p.m. July 26. Reporting parties say that a male suspect had entered their home and attacked an individual inside, and then left the residence prior to police arrival.

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Court papers detailing the accusations say that the suspect was known to the victim and reporting party.

During the incident it was alleged that the suspect had held an open folding knife and pointed it toward the victim. It was also told to investigators that the male suspect threatened to kill or stab “everyone in the house.”

Officers say that there were multiple children and adults inside the home at the time the threat was allegedly made.

The suspect is also accused of demanding the victim’s telephone, and that he ripped it out of the victim’s hand when they attempted to call 911.

During a July 27 Circuit Court hearing, the suspect, identified as Donald Blaine Scott, 40, was officially charged with Aggravated Assault, Domestic Battery, Unlawful Entry Into an Occupied Structure, Theft, and Interference With Emergency Calls. The Aggravated Assault charge represents a felony, while the rest were charged as misdemeanors.

The July 27 hearing also saw Scott charged with two similar misdemeanor charges in a separate file, relating to an incident that was alleged to have occured on June 13, 2021.

Scott was charged with Domestic Battery and Interference With a 911 Call after it was alleged that he attacked a motel employee and prevented them from calling for emergency services.

The affidavit in the June 13 file says that the suspect was known to the motel employee and that he had been on the motel grounds helping the employee make beds. It was alleged that the two began a verbal argument in one of the motel rooms. The victim reportedly left the motel room, entering another and attempting to shut the door before the suspect could enter.

The victim told police that the suspect began to kick the door and gained entry into the room. At that point the victim says that they tried to pick up the room phone to dial 911, but that Scott hung up the phone.

Police say that another motel employee entered the room, and at that point Scott left the scene and police were summoned.

Police were unable to contact Scott for either the June 13 incident or the July 26 incident, but they report that he was ultimately taken into custody on July 27.

For the alleged June 13 misdemeanors, Scott was given a bond amount of $5,000. For the July 26 file, including the Aggravated Assault felony, Scott was given a bond amount of $20,000, which was ordered to run consecutive to the other bond.

Scott is expected to be scheduled for a preliminary hearing to see if his felony case will be bound over to District Court.