A picture of the damaged business accompanied an April 2 press release regarding the incident. (Campbell County Fire Department/Facebook)

Ryan Lewallen | County 17 News – April 6, 2022

GILLETTE, Wyo. — An elderly woman was cited last week after she allegedly drove her car into a building housing the Ice Cream Café, according to Brent Wasson, Gillette deputy chief of police.

The crash was the result of a 76-year-old woman who accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake while attempting to park a 2012 Honda shortly before 1 p.m. on April 1, Wasson said, adding that she crashed first into a light pole and then into the front windows of the Ice Cream Café on the 200 block of Gillette Avenue.

Officers arrived on the scene to find the woman uninjured. She said she had been attempting to park her vehicle following another crash, moments prior to the Ice Cream Café incident, involving her Honda and a 36-year-old male’s 2005 Chevrolet, per Wasson.

During the initial crash, the female had been reportedly trying to back out of a parking space when she collided with the Chevrolet, Wasson continued.

All told, the collisions resulted in over $1,000 in damage and no injuries. Campbell County Fire Department personnel reported in a next-day press release that the building showed no obvious signs of structural instability, no natural gas leaks, and only moderate damage to the light pole.

The driver was issued citations for unsafe backing and for driving on a sidewalk, Wasson said.