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Casper PD Incident Report log (4/24/22–4/25/22)

CPD Call Logs

CASPER, Wyo. — Information for the Casper Police Department Incident Summary Report and Map is provided by the Casper Police Department and is published as a public service to our readers.

For privacy reasons, exact addresses and certain types of calls may not be included, and certain calls may have some information withheld.

The CPD Incident Summary Report contains information about the time, approximate location, and nature of a law enforcement call as the call was first received. The reported nature of the call may not necessarily represent the actual situation upon law enforcement arrival.

Sunday – 04/24

Time Location Call Type
7:09 AM 100 block of N Forest Dr Stray Animal
6:14 AM 700 block of E 3rd St Animal Noise
8:35 AM 2200 block of Goosewing St Animal Problem
8:55 AM 4000 block of E 8th St Vehicle Aband.
8:58 AM 800 block of W 10th St Animal Bite
9:59 AM 300 block of E E St Citizen Assist
10:41 AM 2100 block of E 12th St Disturbance
11:24 AM W Coffman Ave & Hickory St Stray Animal
12:16 PM 3300 block of Cy Ave Public Intox
12:41 PM 4300 block of S Poplar St Accident PD
1:17 PM 900 block of E 2nd St Stray Animal
1:34 PM E 12th St & S Beverly St Traffic Stop
11:54 AM 3800 block of E 18th St Theft
1:11 PM 1000 block of N Beech St Citizen Assist
1:42 PM E 2nd St & S Nebraska Ave Traffic Stop
1:36 PM 600 block of W 58th St Stray Animal
1:59 PM E 1st St & N Beverly St Traffic Stop
2:27 PM E 6th St & S Mckinley St Traffic Stop
2:36 PM E 2nd St & Scotthill Rd Traffic Stop
2:56 PM 2300 block of E Yellowstone Hwy Traffic Stop
3:11 PM 900 block of S Jefferson St Attempt-Locate
2:56 PM Wy 220| Mp 105 Stray Animal
2:54 PM 600 block of Se Wyoming Blvd Assault
3:40 PM 2900 block of E 4th St Burglary Res
3:47 PM Se Wyoming Blvd & Casper Mountain Rd Attempt-Locate
3:30 PM 6000 block of S Spruce St Stray Animal
3:56 PM N Melrose St & E K St Traffic Stop
4:16 PM E 5th St & S Jefferson St Traffic Stop
4:29 PM N Lincoln St Traffic Stop
4:33 PM 1900 block of S Jefferson St Stray Animal
4:39 PM 200 block of N Park St Citizen Assist
5:18 PM 5900 block of Ridge Ln Stray Animal
5:02 PM 0 block of Se Wyoming Blvd Accident PD
5:21 PM 300 block of N Minnesota Ave Fraud
5:36 PM E 12th St & Se Wyoming Blvd Reddi
5:54 PM 200 block of N Park St Citizen Assist
6:39 PM 1700 block of Fetterman Ave Unconsciousness
4:26 PM 100 block of W J St Parking Problem
5:02 PM 600 block of Andrea Ln FVPA Violation
7:04 PM 4700 block of Tranquility Way B 307 Citizen Assist
7:03 PM 2200 block of Thorndike Ave Citizen Assist
7:27 PM 1300 block of Hazelwood Dr Fight
7:26 PM 300 block of S Lincoln St Suspicious
8:26 PM 1900 block of Hyview Dr Disturbance
8:26 PM W 17th St & S Elm St Parking Problem
9:22 PM 600 block of W F St Attempt-Locate
9:18 PM 6400 block of South Springs Rd Citizen Assist
9:38 PM 2900 block of Ridgecrest Dr Assault
9:38 PM E 13th St & S Durbin St Accident PD
10:05 PM 700 block of College Dr Traffic Stop
10:28 PM 200 block of Aster Burglary Res
10:38 PM 100 block of E K St Burglary Res
10:47 PM 400 block of E A St Citizen Assist
11:16 PM 900 block of S David St Shots Fired
11:09 PM 2200 block of E 7th St Loud Music
11:29 PM 2100 block of E 12th St Suspicious

Monday – 04/25

Time Location Call Type
1:32 AM S Poplar St & W Collins Dr Traffic Stop
1:40 AM 3800 block of E 14th St Unconsciousness
1:46 AM S Poplar St & W Collins Dr Wanted Person
2:45 AM E 1st St & N Jackson St Traffic Stop
5:51 AM S Poplar St & W Collins Dr Traffic Stop