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Natrona County Sheriff’s Office incident report log (5/9/22–5/10/22)

CASPER, Wyo. — Information for the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) incident summary report and map is provided by the NCSO and is published as a public service to our readers.

For privacy reasons, exact addresses and certain types of calls may not be included, and certain calls may have some information withheld.

The NCSO Incident Summary Report contains information about the time, approximate location, and nature of a law enforcement call as the call was first received. The reported nature of the call may not necessarily represent the actual situation upon law enforcement arrival. 

Monday – 05/9

Time Location Call Type
8:15 AM 200 block of N David St Wanted Person
9:27 AM 7700 block of Thirty Three Mile Rd Vehicle Aband.
10:38 AM 8200 block of Alexander Rd Citizen Assist
10:43 AM 1100 block of Bruce Ln Book-In
10:51 AM Us 20 / Us 26| Mp 59 Animal Problem
11:32 AM 300 block of Pershing St Wanted Person
12:11 PM Wy 220| Mp 98 Traffic Stop
12:24 PM 3400 block of Plateau St Fail /Register
12:28 PM 1100 block of Bruce Ln Book-In
12:32 PM 200 block of N Park St Fail /Register
12:54 PM W Yellowstone Hwy Traffic Stop
1:51 PM W Yellowstone Hwy & Seven Traffic Stop
3:01 PM 200 block of N David St Fraud
3:06 PM 3100 block of Heights Blvd Citizen Assist
4:01 PM 21400 block of Kortes Rd Vehicle Aband.
4:22 PM 1100 block of Bruce Ln Book-In
4:48 PM 1700 block of E 15th St Wanted Person
5:35 PM 2000 block of Omaha Trl Alarm Security
7:16 PM 18000 block of Pronghorn Dr Wanted Person
9:03 PM S Robertson Rd & Rivers Ga Traffic Stop
9:11 PM Cole Creek Rd & Fawn Ln Animal Problem
9:12 PM 6000 block of S Poplar St Traffic Stop
9:32 PM W Yellowstone Hwy & West B Traffic Stop
9:43 PM Se Wyoming Blvd & Traffic Stop
10:18 PM Zero Rd & N Derrick Dr Traffic Stop
10:17 PM 8000 block of Commerce Dr Fight
11:59 PM 1300 block of Cy Ave Traffic Stop

Tuesday – 05/10

Time Location Call Type
12:18 AM 3300 block of Cy Ave Traffic Stop
12:55 AM 5700 block of Poison Spider Rd Traffic Stop
1:07 AM 1400 block of Cy Ave Traffic Stop
1:22 AM Sw Wyoming Blvd & Plaza Dr Traffic Stop
2:28 AM Salt Creek Hwy & Mcmurry B Traffic Stop
2:54 AM Tonkawa Trl & Zuni Trl Traffic Stop
3:01 AM I 25| Mp 185 Traffic Stop
6:55 AM 3200 block of Sw Wyoming Blvd Alarm Security
7:09 AM 2200 block of King Blvd Dignitary Prot