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Natrona County Crime Clips (6/17/22–6/21/22)

CASPER, Wyo. — Provided below are some details on law enforcement activities over the weekend based on reports from the Casper Police Department, and Monday’s appearances in circuit court.

Felony Drug Possession (Circuit Court)

65-year-old William Lee appeared in circuit court Monday on a felony charge for possession of fentanyl on top of two prior drug convictions. Lee is also currently on probation as part of a suspended 8- to 10-year sentence for conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance, the state’s attorney noted. Bond was set at $7,500. If convicted, Lee could face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. (W.S. 35-1-1031(i).

Hit-and-Run (Circuit Court)

A 31-year-old man pleaded guilty in circuit court Monday on charges related to a hit-and-run in central Casper on April 26, 2022. Multiple parties had reported his vehicle colliding with a parked vehicle on East 13th Street and shortly thereafter sideswiping a vehicle with a minor inside on Allendale Boulevard. The driver was also cited for driving the wrong way on a one-way street, possessing an open container in a vehicle, and failing to stop at the scene of a crash. The arresting affidavit states the defendant was observed to be heavily intoxicated. 

The man, a two-year Casper resident, will serve a one-year suspended sentence with a year of supervised probation and a fine on each charge.

Assault, June 18 (CPD)

A caller reported having been “beat up” to Casper police around 2:38 a.m. Responding officers interviewed the victim, who provided information on the potential suspect, who was known to the victim, as well as where the assault occurred, the CPD said. Officers located and interviewed the potential suspect. When officers attempted to re-contact the victim, they could not be located and did not respond to officers’ attempts at phone calls. Due to lack of evidence, the case was not pursued further, the CPD said.

Assault, June 18 (CPD)

A caller stated that they were just assaulted by a family member. Officers responded to the scene in a North Casper neighborhood, interviewed the victim and observed the victim’s injury. Officers were unable to locate the alleged suspect. The case is still under investigation.

Assault, June 19 (CPD)

Around 10 p.m. Sunday evening, a caller reported that a woman came to her door and sprayed her with mace. The woman was transported to the hospital, where she received medical attention. She later told officers the incident had occurred while at a friend’s house. 

“The victim would not tell officers where the house was or who she was with,” the CPD said. “Due to lack of information, evidence and cooperation from the victim, the case was not pursued further.”

Dine and Dash, June 17, Branding Iron (CPD)

A reporting party stated that someone left without paying for their meal, CPD said.