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Casper PD Incident Report log (6/22/22–6/23/22)

CPD Call Logs

CASPER, Wyo. — Information for the Casper Police Department Incident Summary Report and Map is provided by the Casper Police Department and is published as a public service to our readers.

For privacy reasons, exact addresses and certain types of calls may not be included, and certain calls may have some information withheld.

The CPD Incident Summary Report contains information about the time, approximate location, and nature of a law enforcement call as the call was first received. The reported nature of the call may not necessarily represent the actual situation upon law enforcement arrival.

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Wednesday – 06/22

TimeLocationCall Type
6:21 AM900 block of S Spruce StBurglary Auto
7:12 AM100 block of W G StProwler
7:40 AME 2nd St & Northway CtTraffic Stop
7:09 AM1100 block of W 15th StParking Problem
7:58 AM2100 block of Allendale BlvdAlarm Security
8:15 AME 12th St & S Beverly StTraffic Stop
7:22 AM2300 block of E 6th StStray Animal
8:33 AMN Poplar St & W 1st StTraffic Stop
8:34 AME 2nd St & Country Club RdTraffic Stop
7:32 AM900 block of E 2nd StStray Animal
8:45 AMW 1st St & Nichols AveTraffic Stop
8:45 AMApplegate Dr & Whiskey Gap RdParking Problem
8:50 AMWhiskey Gap Rd & Applegate DrParking Problem
8:53 AM1700 block of E 24th StParking Problem
8:53 AMMorado Dr & Verde CtSuspicious
8:55 AMWhiskey Gap Rd & Applegate DrVehicle Aband.
9:03 AM2300 block of Breck AveVehicle Aband.
9:06 AMWagon Wheel Ln & Applegate DrVehicle Aband.
9:13 AMWagon Wheel Ln & Applegate DrParking Problem
9:17 AM2200 block of S Jackson StParking Problem
9:19 AMApplegate Dr & Wagon Wheel LnParking Problem
9:23 AMTrappers Trl & Wagon Wheel LnParking Problem
9:25 AM4100 block of E 2nd StAlarm Security
9:28 AM1400 block of S Lowell StDisturbance
9:37 AM1100 block of W 21st StParking Problem
9:37 AM6900 block of Whiskey Gap RdParking Problem
9:43 AME 2nd St & S Nebraska AveTraffic Stop
9:44 AM6800 block of Whiskey Gap RdParking Problem
6:37 AM3000 block of Bellaire DrStray Animal
9:52 AM1400 block of Yorkshire AveWeapon Offense
9:51 AM6800 block of Whiskey Gap RdParking Problem
10:05 AM1100 block of W 21st StParking Problem
10:07 AM6700 block of Columbia River RdParking Problem
10:20 AM3200 block of Carbide TrlParking Problem
10:23 AM200 block of E G StDisturbance
10:25 AM1400 block of W 27th StVehicle Aband.
10:27 AM2100 block of S Nebraska AveParking Problem
10:33 AM6800 block of Umpqua River RdVehicle Aband.
10:36 AM3300 block of Cy AveTraffic Stop
10:33 AM200 block of N David StInformation
10:42 AM6700 block of Rogue River RdParking Problem
9:46 AM2500 block of E 15th StAssault
10:48 AM2200 block of S Odell AveParking Problem
10:48 AMRogue River Rd & Quivera River RdParking Problem
10:50 AMRogue River Rd & Quivera River RdParking Problem
10:45 AMCy Ave & S Ash StAttempt-Locate
10:54 AM3000 block of Indian Scout DrParking Problem
11:00 AME J St & N Wolcott StTraffic Stop
11:00 AME 2nd St & S Beech StFight
11:02 AMTrevett Ln & Indian Scout DrParking Problem
11:08 AM300 block of S Wolcott StExtra Patrol
11:12 AM2700 block of Saratoga RdParking Problem
11:23 AM1400 block of Wilkins CirDisturbance
11:29 AM2600 block of Navarre RdParking Problem
11:39 AM3000 block of Ridgecrest DrParking Problem
11:52 AM2700 block of W 39th StParking Problem
11:49 AM3800 block of Denis DrProperty Lost
11:38 AM300 block of E Collins DrTheft
11:27 AM1000 block of N Jackson StAnimal Problem
12:20 PM5000 block of E 2nd StTraffic Stop
11:42 AM400 block of W Collins Dr Suite 1600Wanted Person
11:47 AM200 block of E 2nd StTheft
12:31 PM1100 block of Wilkins CirEMS Assist
12:40 PM5900 block of Fountain LnAlarm Security
12:52 PM1800 block of Fetterman AveCitizen Assist
1:21 PM4100 block of E 2nd StAlarm Security
1:22 PME 2nd St & S Beech StAccident PI
1:23 PM200 block of W Yellowstone HwyWeapon Offense
1:23 PM300 block of S Kimball StDisturbance
1:00 PM4100 block of Talon DrWanted Person
1:19 PM300 block of E 2nd StSuspicious
12:25 PM300 block of N Colorado AveAnimal Problem
1:37 PM2800 block of Cy AveTraffic Stop
1:36 PM4400 block of E 2nd StPublic Intox
1:57 PMCy Ave & Sw Wyoming BlvdReddi
2:19 PM100 block of Se Wyoming BlvdHit and Run
2:09 PMSw Wyoming Blvd & First StEMS Assist
2:39 PM48000 block of W Us Highway 20-26Stray Animal
2:35 PM2900 block of Cotton Creek PlStray Animal
2:30 PM600 block of Se Wyoming BlvdAttempt-Locate
2:51 PM3400 block of Concho CtParking Problem
2:54 PM700 block of Shannon DrParking Problem
2:56 PM200 block of N David StHarassment
3:00 PM3400 block of Whispering Springs RdParking Problem
3:08 PM6600 block of White Rock DrParking Problem
3:16 PME L St & N Jackson StTraffic Stop
3:16 PM6600 block of Monarch CtParking Problem
3:21 PM600 block of Granite Peak DrCitizen Assist
3:29 PMN Durbin St & E H StParking Problem
3:41 PM1400 block of E Yellowstone HwyTraffic Stop
3:17 PM3700 block of Salt Creek HwyMissing Animal
3:45 PM1100 block of E F StVehicle Aband.
3:55 PME K StTraffic Stop
3:54 PM0 block of JonquilVehicle Aband.
3:51 PM300 block of Se Wyoming BlvdAccident PD
4:06 PME 2nd St & S Forest DrReddi
4:15 PM1400 block of S Nebraska AveLoud Music
4:37 PM500 block of S Durbin StFound Child
4:43 PM1900 block of S Chestnut StSuspicious
4:52 PMN Durbin St & E K StWeapon Offense
5:01 PM2900 block of Nob HillAttempt-Locate
5:06 PMW 1st St & N Poplar StDrowning
5:10 PM1700 block of E K StDisturbance
4:42 PM900 block of W 14th StProperty Damage
5:06 PM5000 block of E 2nd StLockout
5:09 PM2200 block of S Jackson StAnimal Bite
5:21 PM700 block of N Center StTheft
5:25 PM400 block of W Collins Dr Suite 1600Agency Assist
5:43 PM2000 block of Westwood HillAccident PI
5:58 PMCy Ave & Valley DrReddi
5:00 PM1500 block of S Fenway StStructure FIRE
6:30 PM0 block of Se Wyoming BlvdDisturbance
6:37 PM3500 block of Gila BendDisturbance
5:48 PM500 block of E 13th StCitizen Comp
6:56 PM0 block of Se Wyoming BlvdParking Problem
5:53 PMSw Wyoming Blvd & W 13th StAttempt-Locate
7:07 PMI 25 / Us 87| Mp 194Traffic Stop
5:33 PM1000 block of E 1st StTrespassing
6:28 PM900 block of S Jefferson StAnimal Problem
6:23 PMS Center St & E 11th StTraffic Hazard
7:20 PMSe Wyoming Blvd & E 21st StAttempt-Locate
7:28 PM1700 block of W 25th St C C23Citizen Dispute
7:43 PM2405 Cy AveHit and Run
8:53 PM900 block of S Beverly StEMS Assist
9:17 PM100 block of N Grant StUnconsciousness
9:22 PM600 block of Se Wyoming BlvdTraffic Stop
9:42 PM1200 block of Payne AveTheft
9:30 PM2200 block of Boyd AveCitizen Assist
9:55 PM800 block of E E StAlarm Security
10:01 PM4000 block of S Poplar StClear The Lot
9:50 PM300 block of W Midwest AveCitizen Assist
10:04 PMCy Ave & S Robertson RdAttempt-Locate
10:14 PM1400 block of S Locust StFamily Fight
9:59 PM800 block of N Poplar StProperty Damage
10:24 PM3600 block of E 2nd StTraffic Stop
10:40 PM100 block of N Grant StWanted Person
10:49 PM1200 block of Morado DrCitizen Comp
10:58 PME B St & E Yellowstone HwyTraffic Stop
11:01 PME C St & N Mckinley StTraffic Stop
10:57 PM5000 block of E 2nd StCitizen Assist
11:16 PM100 block of N Grant StCitizen Comp
10:15 PM1700 block of E K StTheft
11:45 PM0 block of MagnoliaUnsecure Premis

Thursday – 06/23

TimeLocationCall Type
12:06 AMW 13th St & King BlvdTraffic Stop
12:10 AM300 block of W Midwest AvePublic Intox
12:13 AME 15th St & Glendale AveTraffic Stop
12:19 AMS Wolcott St & E Midwest AveTraffic Stop
12:20 AM100 block of E E StUnconsciousness
12:25 AMS Willow St & W 13th StSuspicious
12:29 AM2000 block of BegoniaSuspicious
12:43 AM1800 block of S Jackson StDisturbance
1:44 AM2500 block of S Jefferson StFamily Fight
2:08 AM700 block of Lincoln AveAnimal Noise
12:43 AM100 block of E H StBurglary Auto
3:09 AME 1st St & N Lennox StTraffic Stop
4:49 AM1600 block of Kit Carson AveProperty Damage