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Casper PD Incident Report log (6/23/22–6/24/22)

CPD Call Logs

CASPER, Wyo. — Information for the Casper Police Department Incident Summary Report and Map is provided by the Casper Police Department and is published as a public service to our readers.

For privacy reasons, exact addresses and certain types of calls may not be included, and certain calls may have some information withheld.

The CPD Incident Summary Report contains information about the time, approximate location, and nature of a law enforcement call as the call was first received. The reported nature of the call may not necessarily represent the actual situation upon law enforcement arrival.

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Thursday – 06/23

TimeLocationCall Type
6:21 AM400 block of Harden DrStray Animal
7:54 AM1200 block of E 12th StProperty Found
8:39 AM1100 block of Boulder DrWanted Person
8:01 AM2500 block of S Mckinley StExtra Patrol
8:51 AMFleetwood Pl & Kearney AveVicious Animal
9:12 AM3900 block of E 12th StStray Animal
9:34 AM200 block of N Park StFire assist
9:49 AM4100 block of Talon DrBurglary Auto
10:00 AMVillage Dr & Herrington DrAttempt-Locate
8:50 AM300 block of E Collins DrParking Problem
9:56 AM8900 block of MicaAnimal Problem
9:41 AM200 block of E H StStray Animal
10:12 AM5000 block of Blackmore RdCitizen Assist
10:05 AM300 block of S Wolcott StThreatening
10:29 AMS David St & W Yellowstone HwyParking Problem
10:31 AMS Oak St & W 58th StStray Animal
10:34 AM2000 block of E 2nd StAlarm Holdup
11:01 AM800 block of Grant AveSuspicious
11:00 AM1200 block of E 2nd StCitizen Assist
10:44 AM1900 block of Melodi LnAnimal Problem
11:18 AMCy Ave & Pheasant DrAccident PD
11:23 AM700 block of W 58th StFraud
12:01 PM200 block of N David StWanted Person
10:29 AM700 block of E A StAnimal Noise
12:19 PME 12th St & S Washington StTraffic Stop
12:19 PME 6th St & S Mckinley StTraffic Stop
11:04 AM100 block of W H StParking Problem
11:12 AM1300 block of S Boxelder StStray Animal
12:33 PM900 block of S Washington StBurglary Other
12:10 PMI 25 / Us 20 / Us 26 / Us 87| Mp 187Deceased Animal
12:57 PME 2nd St & Wisconsin StTraffic Stop
1:11 PME 10th St & S Beverly StTraffic Stop
1:09 PM300 block of E 2nd StPublic Intox
1:19 PME 8th St & S Wolcott StTraffic Stop
1:26 PME 12th St & S Nebraska AveTraffic Stop
1:27 PM200 block of S Durbin StAnimal Problem
1:56 PM1700 block of E K StDeceased Animal
2:21 PM200 block of E 2nd StCitizen Assist
2:24 PM4000 block of Fort Caspar RdShoplifting
2:35 PM200 block of S David StParking Problem
2:45 PM300 block of S David StParking Problem
2:47 PME 2nd St & S Lennox StTraffic Stop
2:45 PM3400 block of Cy AveSuspicious
3:07 PM200 block of E Midwest AveParking Problem
3:18 PM200 block of E Midwest AveParking Problem
3:20 PM300 block of E A StFraud
3:17 PM4700 block of Tranquility WayTheft
2:34 PM1300 block of Birch StProperty Damage
3:48 PM0 block of LilacStray Animal
4:05 PM200 block of N David StCitizen Assist
4:25 PM1000 block of W 14th StWanted Person
4:21 PM1200 block of S Ash StHit and Run
4:28 PM3700 block of Arroyo DrBurglary Res
4:21 PM1800 block of S Cedar StAnimal Problem
4:53 PM100 block of N Forest DrAgency Assist
4:31 PMS Poplar St & College DrAccident PD
4:04 PM800 block of S Jackson StAssault
5:05 PM600 block of N Sun DrDisturbance
5:19 PM1500 block of Custer AveAnimal Problem
4:57 PM2200 block of S Jefferson StAgency Assist
4:56 PM2200 block of WaterfordAttempt-Locate
5:44 PMS Poplar St & W Collins DrStray Animal
5:51 PM1500 block of Fremont AveStray Animal
5:57 PME A St & N Grant StTraffic Stop
6:24 PMW 1st St & Star LnTraffic Stop
6:44 PM600 block of Se Wyoming BlvdFound Child
6:49 PM1700 block of E K StTraffic Stop
6:01 PM100 block of N Grant StCitizen Comp
6:49 PMCy Ave & Fairgrounds RdAttempt-Locate
4:16 PM1800 block of S Cedar StHit and Run
2:59 PM4800 block of S Center StExtra Patrol
7:05 PMN Center St & E G StTraffic Stop
7:06 PM1700 block of E K StTraffic Stop
7:07 PME 3rd St & Country Club RdTraffic Stop
7:16 PMN Center St & E B StTraffic Stop
7:17 PM1100 block of N Center StTraffic Stop
6:06 PM1200 block of N Center StHit and Run
7:33 PMN Center St & W D StTraffic Stop
7:43 PME 1st St & N Center StTraffic Stop
7:52 PME H St & St John StTraffic Stop
7:54 PMBryan Evansville RdTraffic Stop
7:57 PM1800 block of E 4th StAlarm Security
7:46 PM1900 block of Fremont AveSuspicious
8:11 PMN Beverly St & E Yellowstone HwyTraffic Stop
8:22 PME Yellowstone Hwy & N Jefferson StTraffic Stop
8:24 PM5000 block of E 2nd StPublic Intox
8:18 PM1400 block of S Nebraska AveCivil Standby
8:50 PMW 14th St & S Cedar StTraffic Stop
8:53 PME 2nd St & Thelma DrTraffic Stop
9:03 PMW Collins Dr & S Walnut StTraffic Stop
9:05 PME 12th St & S Jefferson StTraffic Stop
9:15 PME 2nd St & S Durbin StTraffic Stop
9:17 PMN Beech St & E A StDisturbance
9:24 PMS Wolcott St & E 7th StTraffic Stop
9:33 PME Collins Dr & S Center StTraffic Stop
9:34 PME 12th St & S Melrose StTraffic Stop
9:33 PM100 block of N Grant StPublic Intox
9:24 PMW 1st St & Nichols AveExtra Patrol
9:47 PMS Beverly St & E 10th StTraffic Stop
10:04 PME 2nd St & S Pennsylvania AveTraffic Stop
10:05 PMCollege Dr & Campus DrTraffic Stop
10:07 PME 12th St & S Melrose StTraffic Stop
9:21 PM800 block of Cy AveAnimal Problem
3:50 PM2300 block of E Yellowstone HwyExtra Patrol
10:03 PM2900 block of Mockingbird TrlLoud Music
10:20 PME 2nd St & S Iowa AveTraffic Stop
10:30 PMN Kenwood St & E Yellowstone HwyDisturbance
10:32 PMAllendale Blvd & E 27th StTraffic Stop
10:41 PME 14th St & Country Club RdTraffic Stop
10:43 PME A St & N Washington StTraffic Stop
10:45 PMS Beverly St & Odell PlTraffic Stop
10:47 PMS Jefferson St & E 1st StTraffic Stop
10:49 PM700 block of N Center StDisturbance
10:53 PME 2nd St & S Minnesota AveTraffic Stop
10:55 PMW Yellowstone Hwy & S Oak StTraffic Stop
11:07 PME 2nd St & S Pennsylvania AveTraffic Stop
11:08 PME K St & N Jefferson StTraffic Stop
11:43 PMCy Ave & Bellaire DrTraffic Stop

Friday – 06/24

TimeLocationCall Type
12:06 AM2100 block of Glendale AveAnimal Problem
12:09 AMW 12th St & S Poplar StTraffic Stop
12:11 AME 2nd St & S Wolcott StTraffic Stop
12:14 AME 15th St & Missouri AveAccident PD
12:20 AME H St & N Mckinley StTraffic Stop
12:27 AM3100 block of Knollwood DrDisturbance
12:49 AME 2nd St & S Jackson StTraffic Stop
2:00 AME F St & N Durbin StUnconsciousness
1:50 AM1700 block of W Odell AveProwler
2:11 AM900 block of E 23rd StProperty Damage
3:14 AM900 block of S Spruce StBurglary Res
3:57 AM1900 block of S Missouri AveDisturbance
4:04 AM1900 block of S Missouri AveCitizen Comp
4:55 AME 15th St & Se Wyoming BlvdTraffic Stop
5:20 AM2900 block of Palmer DrDeceased Person