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Casper man gets 4–8 years in prison in domestic violence, stalking case

Erick Richardson at a preliminary hearing July 7, 2022 (Gregory Hirst, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper resident Erick Richardson, 33, was sentenced to 4–8 years in state prison on Monday for an assault on his pregnant ex-girlfriend last June. 

Richardson will receive credit for 151 days served since his arrest last summer. He was arrested just days after ambushing the woman in the parking lot of her workplace, according to the charging documents. 

District Court Judge Kerri Johnson handed down the sentence as recommended by the state and outlined by Assistant District Attorney Blaine Nelson. The agreement with defense considers new charges against Richardson bound over last week to district court. The charges of felony stalking allege Richardson repeatedly attempted to contact the victim through other inmates’ phone accounts and messages delivered through inmates who were released from detention.

Judge Johnson noted that attempts to contact the victim had been explicitly forbidden in her court’s order pending sentencing, and that the state’s burden to prove the new charges is lighter when considered in such cases. 

Nelson said that when that case is sentenced, the state would ask for the same sentence to overlap Monday’s judgement. A significant prison term rendered now would both satisfy the interests of justice and provide a sense of “finality” for the victim, Nelson said. 

The victim, who was in her third trimester with Richardson’s son at the time of the June 22 assault, was present at sentencing and provided a statement that was read aloud by her sister. She recounted an assault by Richardson in a Douglas motel room last December which fractured her cheekbone, and another in a car last March, after which a dental splint was required to straighten two teeth. These incidents are documented in a misdemeanor stalking charge filed by a Casper police affidavit before Richardson assaulted her at her job. 

She said Richardson sent her and her mother thousands of threatening texts and voicemails, and that she was still afraid of him. 

“The first thing I do every day is call the [Natrona County Detention Center] to see if he’s still there, because then I know that me and my son are safe, and my family is safe,” she said.

She said that she had decided to permanently remove Richardson from her life.

“I hope you are happy and successful because I assure you, I will be,” she added, addressing Richardson directly.

Nelson said the woman has made significant strides to recovering her independence since first meeting her last summer.