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Natrona County man accused of assaulting three women, including a minor, at house party in Mills

Elijah Dobbins, 22 (Courtesy Natrona County Sheriff's Office)

CASPER, Wyo. — A 22-year-old Natrona County man wanted by the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office appeared in circuit court Friday to hear 10 criminal charges, including two counts of sexual assault in the first degree.

Elijah Dobbins, 22, is also charged with single counts of second-degree sexual assault, sexual abuse of a minor in the third degree, strangulation of a household member, and aggravated assault and battery. Dobbins also heard four misdemeanor charges: two counts of unlawful contact, one of sexual battery, and one of permitting a house party where minors are present.

The sheriff’s office put out the alert for Dobbins’s warrant in February. Dobbins said Friday that he’d been in Minot, North Dakota. He said he’d turned himself in for extradition in North Dakota when he learned he had a warrant.

Judge Brian Christensen set bond at $120,000 cash or surety.

The charges all relate to events alleged to have occurred at a house party in Mills in the overnight hours of October 30 house party, according to charging document.

Two of alleged victims reported Dobbins provided shots of alcohol that made them extremely intoxicated — “like she had taken five shots at once” the report said.

A 16-year-old girl reported that Dobbins that pulled her into a spare bedroom and forcibly sexually assaulted her.  Witnesses reported seeing the girl leaving the room crying. 

Witnesses said Dobbins then began fighting another woman, and that he locked her out of the residence and told people not to let her in.

Afterwards, two women who were in the bathroom said Dobbins came in and sexually assaulted one of them until Dobbin’s girlfriend, who had gotten back into the apartment, starting banging on the locked bathroom door.  Witnesses said Dobbins and his girlfriend then fought, and Dobbins is alleged to have tackled the woman to floor and choked her unconscious.

Investigators say they have three videos of this alleged assault. They say Dobbins can be seen kneeling over the woman, holding her shirt up around her throat, exposing her breasts.

Dobbins also recently pleaded guilty to property destruction. He punctured the tires of patrons at Racks Gentleman’s Club in apparent retaliation for looking at a dancer he’d dated five months earlier. He is ordered to pay $3,268 in restitution.