CASPER, Wyo. — Information for the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office incident summary report and map is provided by the NCSO and is published as a public service to our readers.

For privacy reasons, exact addresses and certain types of calls may not be included, and certain calls may have some information withheld.

The NCSO Incident Summary Report contains information about the time, approximate location, and nature of a law enforcement call as the call was first received. The reported nature of the call may not necessarily represent the actual situation upon law enforcement arrival. 

Friday – 11/17

Time Location Call Type
9:05 AM Grass Creek Rd Traffic Stop
9:03 AM 2200 block of Richard St Runaway Juvnile
9:52 AM 10100 block of State Highway 220 Civil Standby
11:52 AM Kortes Rd & Fremont Canyon Citizen Assist
12:18 PM 1100 block of Bruce Ln Book-In
12:52 PM First St & Sw Wyoming Blvd Traffic Stop
12:56 PM 4400 block of Trails End Assault
1:54 PM 600 block of Sw Wyoming Blvd Traffic Stop
2:01 PM E Yellowstone Hwy & N Traffic Stop
2:08 PM 1800 block of South Loop Ave Theft
2:58 PM 1100 block of Bruce Ln Book-In
3:53 PM 1100 block of Bruce Ln Book-In
4:51 PM 6600 block of W Yellowstone Hwy Traffic Stop
5:09 PM 1100 block of Bruce Ln Book-In
5:25 PM 1600 block of Grass Creek Rd Civil Standby
5:55 PM W Yellowstone Hwy & Lakevi Traffic Stop
5:30 PM 1400 block of S Jackson St Citizen Assist

Saturday – 11/18

Time Location Call Type
12:28 AM 4100 block of Poison Spider Rd Family Fight
12:58 AM Willer Dr & Zero Rd Vehicle Fire
4:32 AM Salt Creek Hwy & Renauna A Traffic Stop
5:59 AM State Highway 220 & Goose Dead Animal
7:38 AM 7900 block of Natrona Rd Threatening
10:24 AM Salt Creek Hwy & Colman Ci Traffic Stop
10:29 AM 4100 block of E 2nd St Traffic Stop
10:36 AM 500 block of N Robertson Rd Traffic Stop
10:50 AM 900 block of N Elma St Burglary Res
11:28 AM 3700 block of Salt Creek Hwy Burglary Other
12:29 PM Salt Creek Hwy & Skyview Traffic Stop
12:47 PM 2000 block of Salt Creek Hwy Alarm Security
12:53 PM 500 block of Pershing St Citizen Comp
1:43 PM S Mckinley St & E 5th St Traffic Stop
2:07 PM 2500 block of Prairie Ln Illegal Burning
3:17 PM N Beverly St & E E St Traffic Stop
3:55 PM Doane Ln & Salt Creek Hwy Traffic Stop
4:19 PM W 29th St & S Coffman Ave Accident Pi
7:30 PM 1400 block of Prairie Ln Fvpa Violation
7:34 PM Oregon Trail & State Highw Attempt-Locate
7:48 PM State Highway 220 & Goose Traffic Stop

Sunday – 11/19

Time Location Call Type
12:27 AM Cy Ave & Skyline Rd Traffic Stop
7:39 AM S Robertson Rd & Rivers Ga Accident Pd
9:22 AM 2200 block of Bryan Stock Trl Alarm Security
10:02 AM 6600 block of W Yellowstone Hwy Traffic Stop
10:13 AM W Yellowstone Hwy & Commer Traffic Stop
10:18 AM 1500 block of Jim Bridger Ave Explosives
10:32 AM Queen St & W Yellowstone H Traffic Stop
10:36 AM 9300 block of Casper Mountain Rd Hit And Run
11:11 AM 300 block of Warehouse Rd Citizen Assist
11:46 AM 3800 block of Cy Ave Disturbance
12:16 PM 4500 block of Country Side Ct Burglary Res
12:28 PM N Beech St & E A St Accident Pi
2:22 PM 4900 block of Cy Ave Alarm Security
3:38 PM Wy 387| Mp 97 Accident Pd
4:07 PM Eagle Dr & Sw Wyoming Blvd Traffic Stop
4:23 PM 1100 block of Cole Creek Rd Illegal Burning
5:05 PM Sioux Trl & Antelope Dr Traffic Stop
6:51 PM 1100 block of Bruce Ln Book-In
7:06 PM Zuni Trl & Antelope Dr Reddi
8:09 PM Sw Wyoming Blvd & Pendell Traffic Stop
8:31 PM 6600 block of W Yellowstone Hwy Traffic Stop
9:45 PM Cy Ave & Paradise Dr Traffic Stop
11:39 PM 5000 block of W Yellowstone Hwy Traffic Stop
11:55 PM 7500 block of W Yellowstone Hwy Traffic Stop

Monday – 11/20

Time Location Call Type
4:17 AM Zero Rd & W Yellowstone Hw Traffic Stop
7:08 AM 2000 block of Oil Dr Traffic Hazard
7:26 AM I 25 / Us 87| Mp 194 Welfare Check