District Attorney Dan Itzen and Circuit Court Judge Michael Patchen at initial appearances 5/4/23 (Gregory Hirst, Oil CIty News)

CASPER, Wyo. — Provided below are the defendants and charges from appearances in Natrona County Circuit Court on Wednesday and Thursday, May 31–June 1.  

All persons entering not guilty pleas or charged with felonies are presumed innocent until convicted or pleading guilty. Official charges are subject to change by the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office.

Pleas on felony charges are not entered in circuit court, though bond conditions are set.

A bail bondsman can post a surety bond, typically requiring 10–20%.

A “personal recognizance” or “signature” bond means there is no money required to get out, but the defendant could owe the full amount if they fail to appear.

Factors affecting bond and sentencing include the nature of the crime, the weight of the evidence, the defendant’s criminal history and their ties to the community.

Standard fees typically include $150 to the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, $70 in court costs and $50 to Drug Court assessment fees. Some charges carry additional fines.

Felonies and engrossed misdemeanors (pleas not entered in circuit court)

  • James Samons, 41 – Burglary x3, grand theft, false statement to pawn broker x3
    • $10,000 cash or surety bond
  • Harley Davis, 32 – Possession of a controlled substance: third or subsequent upon conviction
    • $7,500 cash or surety bond
  • Brittany French, 33 – Child endangerment with meth: child present where meth stored/possessed/ingested, possession of a controlled substance x2 (meth, amphetamine-type controlled substance)
    • $10,000 cash or surety bond
  • Robert Holden, 55 – Possession of methamphetamine: felony weight, DWUI
    • $7,500 cash or surety bond
  • Jason Spurlin, 45 – Possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana: third or subsequent upon conviction, interference
    • $10,000 cash or surety bond

No contest and guilty pleas

  • Christopher Howard – Violation of protection order x2, criminal entry, petty theft
    • 45 days jail
  • Michael Coury, 25 – Possession of methamphetamine
    • 30 days jail
  • Alejandro Moreno – Driving under suspension
    • $200 fine
  • Jordan Shoyo, 18 – Breach of peace x2, minor in possession of alcohol
    • Six months suspended, one year supervised probation
  • Christian Wright, 24 – Probation revocation
    • Probation reinstated
  • Jordan Jackson – Careless driving
    • $350 fine
  • Makayla Tighe, 24 – Probation revocation
    • 30 days jail

Not guilty pleas

  • Madison McCarthy, 28 – Criminal entry
    • $300 cash or surety bond
  • Scott Johnson, 37 – Criminal entry
    • $300 cash or surety bond
  • Maurice Trevino, 33 – Unlawful entry into structure, violation of protection order
    • $7,500 cash or surety bond
  • Sean Shriner, 21 – Theft
    • $1,000 cash or surety bond