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State Board of Education approves four-day school weeks for some Wyoming districts


The Wyoming State Board of Education approved alternative schedules for ten Wyoming school districts during their Thursday, March 21 board meeting.

All schools in Campbell No. 1, Carbon No. 2, Crook No. 2, Laramie No. 2 Sheridan No. 1 and Sheridan No. 3 received the board’s approval for the alternative school week. Little Snake River Valley Schools in Carbon No. 1, Lusk Elementary and Middle School, Niobrara High School and Lance Creek Elementary in Niobrara No. 1 will also operate on four-day schedules, according to a board press release.

Schools in Johnson No. 1 received approval for split four and five day weeks while all schools in Sublette No. 1 will operate on an early Friday release schedule.

The board’s approval allows these districts and schools to operate the four-day week during the 2019-2020 school year.

State Board Coordinator Dr. Thomas Sachse explained that the four-day work week will still require the same number of school minutes for students. He said that 900 minutes are required per week at the elementary level and 1,100 minutes are required at the secondary level.

Sachse explained that the exact schedule varies somewhat per district, but many of the schools will operate on an 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Thursday schedule.

He added that the reasoning behind adopting the alternative schedules also varies from district to district, but said that one of the most common reasons is to ensure that students participating in sports see minimal disruption to their classroom time due to travelling for athletics.

Sachse added that other reasons include saving costs and dedicating Fridays to staff professional development.

The Wyoming State Board of Education’s next meeting will be April 25 in Gillette.