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Pathways Innovation Center students earn industry certifications

Pathways Innovation Center students (Natrona County School District 1)

CASPER, Wyo. — Pathways Innovation Center program students recently earned industry-recognized certifications, Natrona County School District 1 said in a news release on Wednesday.

Students in the automotive program obtained certifications in the areas of Forklift and Automotive Service Excellence. Students worked diligently to meet the requirements of ASE Certifications in the areas of Brakes and Suspension, ASE certifications for HVAC, and ASE Diesel Engines/Med Trk., with a collective 58 certifications earned, the district said. 

Additionally, 29 students worked to meet the requirements for the Forklift Operator Certificate of completion.

“Overall, during the first semester, 87 students worked to expand upon and excel in their skills of automotive expertise and knowledge,” the release stated. 

Pathways Innovation Center students. (Natrona County School District 1)

“The forklift training allows students to be more employable but, most importantly, learn how to operate a forklift safely,” said Troy Corson, Pathways automotive instructor. “The students work really hard to obtain these certifications. One of the great things about our program is the collaboration and teamwork, as we are able to use the forklift as part of our Diesel Mechanic work as we study hydraulics. Students are put to work ‘when needed’ to unload trucks and equipment around the school. This gives students a chance to practice with real-world situations. Students have used the certification of completion to help with career opportunities and jobs in the community.” 

Pathway Innovation Center’s Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics program of study provides high school students the opportunity to take courses focused on Engine Fundamentals, Automotive Services, Auto Brakes and Suspension, Auto Drivetrain and Axels, Auto Electric Engine Performance, Diesel Mechanics, and more.

Students who complete their level-two work in the Construction and Welding pathways are eligible for the opportunity to earn their OSHA 10-Hour credential. This semester, 65 welding and construction students earned this credential after a focused two-day safety training. Students participated in presentations, took a written test, and demonstrated their knowledge of safe use of fall protection. In addition, students in the Advanced Construction courses will be offered the opportunity to earn their OSHA 30-Hour safety training this spring, the district said.

“Since we build projects much like industry, we want to promote safe practices like fall protection, hazard identification, and tool safety. We have a premier facility at the Pathways Innovation Center that allows us to build mobile houses and train while learning the OSHA standards required on job sites,” said Rob Hill, Pathways Construction instructor. “Our students earn the OSHA 30 and college credits that transfer to Casper College and UW. This year we will train about 130 students, a significant increase over years past.” 

The Pathways Innovation Center Construction program of study provides high school students the opportunity to take courses focused on Woodworking I, Woodworking II, Construction I, Construction II, Construction Safety, and more. 

“We want to congratulate these students on their exceptional success and accomplishment in obtaining these certifications. They put forth dedicated work and commitment to their education as they completed the requirements needed to earn these industry-recognized credentials and skills,” Superintendent Mike Jennings said. “We are excited to see their continued success throughout the remainder of the academic year and as they prepare for their next steps after graduation.”

Pathways Innovation Center students at work. (Natrona County School District 1)

Pathways Innovation Center is an extension of Natrona County’s high school system. Pathways Innovation Center is focused on preparing tomorrow’s workforce through academic, career and technical studies by providing students with an authentic and rigorous learning environment in order to graduate productive citizens who are college-, career- and military-ready.