14-year-old Texas boy dies in Wyoming ATV crash


The Park County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a single-ATV rollover crash, that claimed the life of a 14-year-old Texas boy.

According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, the young man is believed to have died at approximately 8:10 pm, on July 7th, 2018. The boy was on Park County Road Xux, near the community of Cody.

The WYDOT crash summary says that the boy was traveling west on County Road Xux, also known as “Squaw Creek Ranch Road,” on a gravel roadway surface.

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The vehicle crested a hill at, what investigators describe as “likely at a speed too fast for the road conditions,” then began to slide. The vehicle went off the south side of the road, the tires catching and causing the vehicle to roll driver side first.

The boy was ejected during the roll, with the ATV coming to rest on him.

Authorities say the boy was not wearing an available occupant restraint or a helmet at the time of crash. The time of crash is estimated.