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Wyoming Firefighter helmet cam captures flaming truck on train (VIDEO)

Uinta County Fire and Ambulance, Facebook

Dramatic footage from the helmet cam of a Uinta County Fire and Ambulance firefighter shows efforts to extinguish a flaming truck, on the back of a train, while the train is still in motion.

The video was posted to social media on during the morning of August 27th. The video has been reposted below.

The description says the firefighting efforts on the train to have taken place last week.

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Uinta County Fire Warden Eric Quinney says that the helmet cams are a recent addition to the Uinta County arsenal, and are used for training purposes. He goes on to explain that officials believed the video of the train would show people the operations of the department.

Fire crews were notified by personnel on the Union Pacific Railroad, on August 9th, that they had a train with cargo on fire. The cargo was described as an empty “military-type fuel truck,” however Quinney said he was not sure who owned the vehicle.

Officials were notified that the train would be passing the Carter, Wyoming crossing, and fire crews were dispatched to the area.

“We waited for the train to arrive,” said Quinney “we were able to get some water on it and put it out.”

Quinney says that Union Pacific is handling he investigation into the cause of the blaze.

No injuries were reported.