Powerstrip failure possible cause of Sunday night Mills fire

A home that reportedly caught fire in Mills on December 23rd shows lots of exterior damage. Officials say that interior damage was limited to curtains and a couch. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

The Mills Fire Department is investigating a powerstrip failure as a possible cause of a fire in Mills over the weekend.

Justin Melin of the Mills Fire Department says that the call went out approximately 9:30 pm, December 23rd.

Firefighters arrived on scene to find the exterior front area of the home involved in fire.

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Officials say that they are currently investigating a possible powerstrip failure in that area of the home. Investigators believe that a heating device may have been used in an attempt to prevent the home’s pipes from freezing. It is unknown for sure, but investigators are looking if perhaps the pipes did freeze and the powerstrip came in contact with water.

The fire is said to have burned hot enough to break the glass in a window of the home, however most of the damage was kept to the exterior of the home. Melin says that other than a couch and a set of curtains, fire damage inside the home was minimal. It is unknown how badly the interior was affected by smoke damage.

No injuries were reported with the incident, however the residents have been displaced for a time, and have received assistance from the Natrona County Burn Fund, Melin said.

Officials at Mills fire said that that they’re urging residents to exercise powerstrip saftey. Make sure all items plugged into a powerstrip are up to standards, and that powerstrips are used in the correct environment and aren’t overloaded.