Casper Fire-EMS: Centurylink outage not reported to affect Casper area 911 calls


Casper Fire-EMS says that a Centrylink outage is not currently affecting 911 service in the Casper area. This, despite reports of some disruption in other areas.

The CenturyLink network, a landline phone service, is currently experiencing a disruption affecting customers nationwide.

According to a statement from Casper Fire-EMS, though many 911 centers around the country have reported issues accessing 911, the Public Safety Communications Center in Casper has not had any reported issues.

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“This could be, in part, because the majority of call traffic to the Public Safety Communications Center uses cell phones,” The Casper-Fire EMS statement said.

The written statement from the Emergency service was sent to media just after 2:00 pm, December 27th.

“A test of the local 911 system using CenturyLink service successfully contacted emergency services. At this time all major cell phone carriers are working,” Casper Fire-EMS continued. “Residents that do experience problems reaching 911 using a landline are encouraged, to use or borrow a cell phone.”

Shortly after 2:00 pm, a map on the Centurylink website still showed service outages over many parts of the United States.