Centrylink outage disrupts 911 service in Sweetwater County

A map provided by Centurylink’s website shows the outage looking similar to Thursday. (Courtesy of Centurylink and OpenStreetMap)

Sweetwater County Officials say that they are among several areas of the country impacted by a large service outage by the communications company Centurylink. According to a written statement from the Sweetwater County Sheriff, 911 calls have been affected in that area.

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Sheriff Mike Lowell said the Communications Center, which dispatches for emergency services units throughout the county and serves as the county’s 911 call center and emergency services communications hub, began experiencing difficulties late Thursday morning.

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“The Communications Center is working with CenturyLink the mitigate the situation,” Lowell said. “but 911 calls have been impacted.”

The Casper and Natrona County area has had several residents reporting outages in relation to Centurylink, dating back to as early as Thursday morning. However according to a release from Casper Fire-EMS, The Casper area Public Safety Communication Center has not reported any difficulties.

“A test of the local 911 system using CenturyLink service successfully contacted emergency services,” said Casper Fire-EMS in a written release on Thursday. “At this time all major cell phone carriers are working. Residents that do experience problems reaching 911 using a landline are encouraged, to use or borrow a cell phone.”

Residents in Sweetwater County have been advised by the Sheriff’s Office there, to use alternative numbers to contact emergency services; (307) 875-1400 or (307) 362-6575. Again, this is for Sweetwater County emergencies only. Natrona County is not currently experiencing disruption of 911 service.