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Laramie City offices on “lock down” after receiving telephone messages

Courtesy of City of Laramie, Facebook

CASPER, Wyo. — Offices for the City of Laramie were on “lock down” status Friday, after telephone messages were left at the city.

An email from Laramie Assistant City Manager Todd Feezer, sent to city staff and employees, did not discuss the content of the messages, but confirmed that the lock down status comes from the “severity” of the messages.

There is not currently a criminal investigation related the incident, according to Laramie Police Lieutenant Gwen Smith.

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Laramie City Manager Janine Jordan tells Oil City that local Laramie media erroneously reported that law enforcement was investigating and seeking a suspect on August 9. Jordan says that this not true, and that no suspect is being sought at this time.

An individual was identified in Feezer’s original email as the person leaving the messages. However, Lt. Smith says that the individual is not being sought by either Laramie PD nor the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

Jordan says that even though there is no criminal investigation at this time, city offices were under “enhanced security” on Friday.

“The City Hall and Annex will be on lock down (front doors and elevators) with signs for entry by phone through the end of business on Friday,” Feezer wrote in the Friday email. “Outer buildings and workers are encouraged to be vigilant in their operations, maintain operations as usual and to report any potential siting of this individual.”

A follow up email from Jordan identifies Laramie news website Laramie Live as posting inaccurate information in the incident. The post in question, on Laramie Live, has since been removed, and retraction was posted to the website.

“The article states that law enforcement ‘are searching for an individual’ related to the enhanced security measures at City Hall & Annex this week; this statement is not accurate,” Jordan said in the city-wide email on August 9, 2019.

The “lock down” status at Laramie City offices was expected to continue until the close of business on Friday.