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Emergency crews respond to fire call on Squaw Creek Road

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CASPER, Wyo. — Emergency crews responded to a fire call over the weekend, according to information released by the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials say that the call came at approximately 5:00 pm on September 8, 2019. Emergency crews from Natrona County Sheriff’s Office, Casper Police Department, Casper Fire-EMS and Natrona County Fire District responded to the scene, on the 3700 block of Squaw Creek Road in Casper.

Deputies say that they arrived on scene just after 5:00 pm, and say that they observed and flames coming from inside the residence.

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Arriving deputies opened the front door of the home and reportedly used a fire extinguisher to put out flames in the front area of the home. The deputy reported that this allowed them enough access to the home to call out to anyone inside, but did not hear a response. After the smoke became too thick, the deputy reported leaving the home.

Casper Police also arrived on scene and opened the back door of the residence, where a dog ran out of the burning home. Police called out at the back door, but again received no answer.

Casper Fire-EMS and Natrona County Fire District arrived on the scene minutes later and took over fire fighting measures.

Deputies found a shop behind the residence and located the occupant of the home. The occupant had been unaware of the fire, and told responders that no one else was inside.

Cause of the fire is still under investigation, but the occupant of the home said that they heard a loud clap of thunder outside prior to the blaze.

No major injuries were reported.