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Natrona County Sheriff warns of phone ‘spoofing,’ possible scam


CASPER, Wyo. —  The Natrona County Sheriff’s Office says that a series of phone calls, seeming to originate from NCSO phone numbers, are likely part of a scam where the phone numbers are “spoofed.”

NCSO officials say that several citizens of Natrona County have reported receiving missed calls from two phone numbers belonging to the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office. Both numbers belong to the NCSO and are described as the main office line and the non emergency dispatch line.

  • (307) 235-9282 -office main line
  • (307) 235-9300 non emergency dispatch line

“While these two numbers are NCSO numbers, it appears someone is spoofing the numbers in an possible scam attempt. This makes the calls appear to be legitimate law enforcement calls,” Sheriff’s investigators said Friday evening. “Some citizens have reported receiving an automated sounding voice mail informing them they are the subject of a criminal investigation, and they are told to call either (307) 235-9282 or (307) 235-9300.”

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The NCSO says they will never leave an automated message with citizens.

If you receive a phone call that appears suspicious, you may ask for the deputy to identify who they are.

“As always, do NOT give out any financial or other personal information over the phone,” the NCSO adds. “We do not solicit any financial information by phone.”