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Animal deceased and home lost in west Casper house fire Monday

(File Photo; Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo —  Casper Fire-EMS said heat from a plugged-in kitchen appliance ignited nearby combustible materials causing a fire in a single-family residence on the 3400 block of Ridgecrest Drive on Monday.

Casper Fire-EMS crews responded around 5:30 pm August 3, after receiving calls about intensifying smoke coming from the roof of the home.  Crews arrived and extinguished the fire in the kitchen. Crews then worked to complete extinguishment in void spaces and to assure the fire had not extended into the attic. Though a search determined that the two occupants were not present, a dog was found deceased inside the home. No other injuries were reported. 

Fire investigators determined the fire had spread from the appliance into the cabinets and kitchen. 

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The residence sustained significant fire and smoke damage and the occupants will not be able to return, said Casper Fire-EMS. The occupants were assisted by the City/County Fire Burn Fund. 

In all, six Casper Fire-EMS units responded with 15 personnel along with chief officers and investigators. Additional assistance was provided by the Wyoming Medical Center, Casper Police, Black Hills Energy, and Rocky Mountain Power. 

Casper Fire-EMS reminds residents to use caution with heat-producing cooking appliances, and to ensure that  appliances are turned off when cooking is complete. 

“As an added measure of safety, unplug countertop, heat-producing appliances when use is complete,” Casper Fire-EMS said. “Maintain a safe distance between appliances and combustibles such as paper, plastics and food. For any fire safety questions or assistance, please call us at 235-8222 during normal business hours.”