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KW student arrested after allegedly bringing gun to school

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UPDATE: This story has been updated with further information from the Natrona County School District.

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper Police Department have arrested a juvenile Kelly Walsh High School student who allegedly showed a firearm to another student at the school on Wednesday.

A Casper PD school resource officer received a report shortly after 9 am that the student had showed the weapon to another student.

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“The School Resource Officer immediately responded and found the suspected student,” Casper PD said. “Within minutes of the initial report, the student was safely brought into custody.”

“Officers retrieved the firearm which was quickly determined to be unloaded.”

The student alleged to have brought the firearm to school was taken to the Casper PD to be interviewed.

“The purpose of why the student brought the firearm to school remains under investigation,” Casper PD said. “At this time, the student has been arrested for one recommended felony charge of aggravated assault.
The Casper Police Department is continuing to investigate this incident.”

The Casper PD said the investigation is on-going.

“Additional information will be released as it becomes available and as allowed by law concerning the involvement of a juvenile,” the release adds. “This incident highlights the importance of and purpose of our School Resource Officer program.”

“In this case, the onsite SRO was able to immediately be notified, investigate and respond to this situation before any further potential action could be taken by the suspect. We would like to thank the Natrona County School District for their assistance in this matter.”

NCSD has also released a further statement after notifying the public of a “potential security concern at KW on Wednesday morning.

School was already in session when the report of the student with a weapon on campus was received.

“When NCSD receives a report of an alleged incident or risk to student or staff safety, it promptly conducts an investigation based on school district policies and regulations,” NCSD said. “KWHS Administrators implemented their school crisis plan and immediately contacted the School Resource Officer and began appropriate processes to safely respond to the situation while placing the safety of students and staff as their top priority.”

“In order to resolve the situation without alerting the reported individual, classrooms near the concern were swiftly cleared by KWHS administrators, hallways were restricted to any other students/staff, and the immediate classroom was cleared of other individuals. School Resource Officers made contact with the individual and contained the situation by removing the bag containing the unloaded weapon.”

NCSD said that consequences for the student alleged to have brought the weapon will be in accordance with their “Extreme Behavior Guidelines.”

“As this situation is under investigation by the Casper Police Department further details cannot be released by NCSD,” the district said. “We want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the dedicated Kelly Walsh High School professionals who immediately followed crisis procedures to investigate and resolve the situation.”

“We want to thank our School Resource Officers for their superior policing services and commitment to staff and student safety. NCSD’s dedication to the safety of students and staff remains our primary focus.”