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71-year-old man dies after vehicle flips into Wyoming irrigation ditch, fills with water


CASPER, Wyo. — A Texas man died on June 26 after being airlifted to a hospital in Idaho, following a crash which occurred along Wyoming Highway 354 at around 2:35 p.m. June 22, according to a Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) preliminary crash summary report.

Kenneth Prehoditch, 71, was the passenger of a pickup truck that had been heading eastbound on Wyoming Highway 354. The driver was also injured in the crash.

The crash report says that the driver appears to have fallen asleep and the vehicle drifted across the westbound lane of the highway.

“The vehicle struck an elevated driveway approach which caused the vehicle to become airborne,” the WHP said. “The vehicle landed nose first and then flipped onto its roof in an irrigation ditch filled with water. The passenger appears to have drowned inside the vehicle. Both driver and passenger were airlifted to [Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center] in Idaho, where the passenger succumbed to his injuries on [June 26].”

The crash occurred near milepost 5.3 on Wyoming Highway 354, near Pinedale.

Speed, driver fatigue and falling asleep are cited as possible contributing factors to the crash. Seat belts were reportedly in use, according to the preliminary crash report.