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“When Creepy Becomes Criminal,” C.C. Hosts Presentation on Stalking


Stalkers and stalking will be the topic of a presentation titled “Awkward? Jerk-wad? Or Stalker? When ‘Creepy’ Becomes Criminal, and How to Protect Yourself” tonight, Thursday Feb. 16, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the T-Bird Nest. The event is free and open to the public. The presentation is part of Casper College’s “Sex Week.”

According to Teresa Wallace, director of counseling, stalking, in its most extreme forms, can involve kidnapping, physical harm, and even death. It can also, however, consist of behaviors that can be less clear and obvious but behaviors that nearly everyone exhibits to some degree at times.

The presentation will include Vicki Kadlick, a woman whose sister was stalked and killed by a neighbor and Lorrie Anderson and Taylor Courtney, both with the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office, who will discuss the case of a young mother and her children who had to be relocated out-of-state due to a stalker.

Those attending the presentation will also learn the legal definition and parameters of stalking, how to protect themselves from being a victim – or perpetrator – of stalking, and if they could potentially be accused of stalking.

The T-Bird Nest is located on the third floor of the Union/University Building on the Casper College campus. For more information, contact the Casper College Campus Wellness Center at 307-268-2267.