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Casper’s First Community Christmas Tree Comes From a Mills Home

Patrick Magrum poses on his truck near the 60-year old Colorado blue spruce he has donated to the Downtown Development Authority for its first-ever Community Christmas Tree. The tree has outgrown its spot at the house, which Magrum owns as an investment property. Magrum says he doesn’t like taking down trees and, and plants many more for each one he loses. Last year he planted several spruce trees on his properties. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

When Patrick Magrum bought an investment house in Mills last spring, he knew there’d be some tough choices to make.

One of the toughest was what to do about a huge Colorado blue spruce towering smack dab in the middle of the front yard.

“You could barely walk into the house,” recalls Magrum. “Rain gutters were filled up with pine needles. The concrete is starting to bust up on the sidewalk.”

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The tree, likely planted when the house was built in 1959, had simply outgrown it’s surroundings. “I hated to take that beautiful tree down, actually,” said Magrum.

While weighing his options for the tree, a friend told him about the Downtown Development Authority’s plan to bring a tree down from Casper Mountain and place it in the David Street Station plaza for Christmas. “I said ‘I’ve got the most beautiful tree if you want it!’ I think it’ll make a beautiful Christmas tree,” said Magrum who, along with his wife Marie decided to donate the tree.

The DDA took Magrum up on his offer. This coming Monday at 10:00 the tree will be taken down and moved from its home of nearly 60-years to the David Street Station plaza.

According to a DDA press release, a special stand has been fabricated and the tree will be adorned with decorations and white lights.

“The tree will be located at the far end of the turf for this year, but next year it will move to the center of the ice skating rink as Phase 2 will be completed. In 2018, you will be able to skate all the way around the tree,” said Operations Manager Amy Crawford in a press release.

A lighting ceremony will take place next Saturday, Nov. 25, at 4:30 before the start of the annual downtown Christmas parade. The tree will remain at the plaza through the New Year.

A Colorado blue spruce towers over its surroundings in a Mills neighborhood. It will become Casper’s first Community Christmas Tree at the new David Street Station plaza. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

Magrum is happy to contribute to the first community christmas tree, which the DDA plans on making an annual tradition.

The tree’s story won’t end after the holidays are over, however. While cleaning the property earlier this year, Magrum noticed a baby spruce sprouting near the big tree. “It had to have come from that tree,” said Magrum, who transplanted the seedling into a planter where it is healthy and rapidly growing. He plans to replant it.

“The tree will live on, it’s way cool,” said Magrum.

Magrum saved a seedling from the 60-year old Colorado blue spruce, which he plans to replant when it’s healthy enough. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)