Lost Pelican case hit by snowplow leads to felony drug arrest

File Photo, Oil City

Three people were arrested after they reported a missing Pelican case filled with cash.

According to a Wyoming Highway Patrol release, the missing case was discovered after a WYDOT snow plow hit the case while clearing a highway.

The case opened, exposing a “large amount of US currency,” according to the report. The driver then notified the WHP.

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Meanwhile, the case’s owners contacted another WYDOT unit about the case, which had fallen out of the car carrier on top of their small Toyota passenger vehicle.

When the owners arrived at the Elk Mountain patrol office, “the odor of marijuana was noticed emitting from the vehicle,” according to the release. A K-9 unit arrived and gave a positive alert.

Upon searching the car, authorities discovered “81 pounds of marijuana, felony amounts of MDMA, a misdemeanor amount of hallucinogenic mushrooms and felony amounts of liquid THC,” said the release.

The people were arrested and the case is under investigation with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation and the Wyoming Highway Patrol.