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Council to review two former Plains Furniture property development proposals

The former Plains Furniture building sits empty on Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017 in Casper. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

The City of Casper received two applications to the City’s request for proposals to develop the former Plains Furniture block of properties. The City Council will hear about those proposals at their Tuesday, Feb. 26 work session.

According to the Council’s work packet, FLAG Development, Inc. and Ashby Construction, Inc. submitted development proposals to the City. The properties included in the proposals are the former Plains Furniture Building and parking lots as well as the former livery stable property.

Ashby Contruction’s proposal is to purchase the former livery stable property for $250,000 and the former Plains Furniture parking lot for $278,000.

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Their plan for the livery stable property is for two seperate two unit commercial buildings, according to their proposal. Their plan for the Plains Furniture parking lot is to build eight new townhouses.

“The overall goal for this project is to build something that is innovative, yet draws from the same feel as the existing buildings in this district,” reads the Ashby Construction proposal.”We want people to come and see our projects and feel that same ‘Wow Factor’ that you get when looking at the other projects in the area.”

“We want to build a unique and creative structure, yet still have that historic feel that incorporates the vibe that already exists in the District, with the Gaslight Social, The Office, Urban Bottle, Racca’s and the David Street Station‐ we want to draw from and enhance that feeling.”

FLAG Development’s proposal was to create “up to (11) market-rate loft townhouses within the existing Plains Furniture property.” They would also convert the South parking lot into seven “three-story market-rate rowhouses.” Their application says they old Nolan Service Building would be converted into office space. A courtyard would also be put in place on the North lot. They planned to use the former livery stable property as a parking lot. Their bid to purchase all of the properties included in the request for proposal totals $1 million.

“The primary goal of this Project is to provide the City of Casper, Downtown Casper, the Old Yellowstone District, and our community with an additional multi-million-dollar catalytic project that spurs further growth and investment in the downtown core,” reads FLAG Development’s proposal. “It is clear from all of the studies over the last two decades that the first and most essential component of any downtown development plan must be housing.”

After reviewing the proposals during the work session, Council will be asked to give further direction to City staff on this issue, according to the Council’s work packet.

The two proposals, including renderings of the buildings they are proposing are included in the work packet.

A previous version of this story said that FLAG Development’s plan was to build 11 townhouses. That version omitted the other structures included in their proposal. Oil City regrets this error.