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Firefighters and City officials show off former Fire Station No. 5 [PHOTOS]

Morris Visual Stress Solutions plans to open a clinic behind the former Casper Fire Station No. 5 soon.

The City of Casper held a walk-through of the former Fire Station No. 5 on Thursday, March 28. A second walk-through will take place from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2 for anyone interested.

Members of the public had the chance to look at the building and ask firefighters, Community Development Director Liz Becher and City Planner Craig Collins about the property. The former station is located at 4000 East 15th Street.

A sign on the back garage door window at the former station says the new Fire Station No. 5 is located at 555 Landmark Drive.

Collins said that the assessor’s report lists the station as being constructed in 1977. The City announced on March 22 that it is selling the former fire station and a former Beverly Street Ball Fields parcel.

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The one-story fire station has a large garage, a kitchen connected to a living room space with high ceilings, four dormitory-style spaces sectioned off by large closets and two bathrooms. There is also a storage shed behind the property and a deck and lowered lawn with stairs leading to it from two directions.

Firefighters talk to a citizen who came to the Thursday walk-through.

Becher explained that because the property is zoned as R-1 (Residential Estate), the property would be suitable for living purposes.

Some of the firefighters added that the building is in good shape and offered a suggestion for how the space might be used.

“It would make a great man-cave,” one firefighter joked.

Visitors entered through the large garage door facing East 15th Street.

The City said the 14,260 square foot former fire station property has an “as-is” market value of $195,000.

“The City of Casper continues to put its unneeded City-owned properties back into productive use by selling them to the private sector for development,” the City’s March 22 press release stated.

The City Manager’s Office said that City Council has not told them what they plan to do with funds raised by the sale of the properties.

A firefighter holds a ladder as one man goes down to inspect the crawl space.

The City said the deadline for bidding is 5 p.m. Friday, April 12. Sealed bids must be delivered to the Community Development Office, City Hall, 200 North David Street, Casper, Wyoming 82601.

The former Beverly Street Ball Field parcel is about 3 acres, according to the City. It consists of two platted lots located at the intersection of South Beverly Street and East 12th Street, north of Fire Station No. 3. That property is zoned as C-2 (General Business). It’s “as-is” market value is $1,255,000.

There is a kitchen connected to a living room space. Both feature high ceilings.

“The properties are being offered “as-is, where-is,” and the City reserves the right to reject any and all bids,” the release states. “The specific Terms and Conditions and legal descriptions may viewed in the Legal Notice on the City of Casper website (, under ‘Public Notices.’”

Maps, plats and other information about the properties is located in the “Public Notices” section of the City’s website.

There are four open dormitory style space with closets, mirrors and shelving.

The City said people with questions about the properties or terms for the bids can contact Community Development Director Liz Becher or City Planner Craig Collins.

Fire trucks parked outside of the station during the walk-through.

The sign for the former fire station still stands.
A citizen stands outside of a door leading to the back of the property.
The property is located at 4000 East 15th Street.
Stairs lead down to a yard behind the former station.
Another set of stairs lead up to a parking lot behind the station.
A storage shed sits behind the station.