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Youth Empowerment Council hears indoor skate park proposal


Members of a Roosevelt High School health class brought a proposal to the Youth Empowerment Council during the YEC’s Thursday, April 4 meeting.

The students said that during their health class, they’d come up with a proposal to bring an indoor skate park to Casper.

“We think that an indoor skate park would be beneficial in multiple ways to the community,” a proposal document they provided to Councilman Ray Pacheco reads. “Obesity rate have more than tripled since the 1970s, mostly to the fault of lack of good nutrition, careless parents, but mostly at fault of a sedentary lifestyle.”

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“It’s hard enough to get your teens out of the house, especially in the winter. An indoor skate park would draw in lots of attention from teens and young adults and would be run by hired teens over the age of 15 which would really be good to keep kids off the streets and out of trouble.”

Pacheco acts as a liaison between the YEC and the City Council. After hearing their proposal, he gave them some advice about how they could make their plan a reality.

“You guys already look like you have a plan,” he said. “Raising money and doing this kind of stuff is always difficult. But it has been done before and it is possible to do this.”

Pacheco pointed out that the outdoor skate park that used to exist next to the YMCA was a YEC initiative. He said that he’d heard the YMCA has plans to build a new swimming pool, and said they’ve talked about the possibility of converting the old pool into an indoor skate park.

Pacheco said that the students would need a strategy moving forward, but said he’d be happy to advocate for it with the City Council if the students continue working on the idea.

“We will support you guys in any way we can,” he said of how YEC could assist the Roosevelt students.

The students’ proposal mentioned the YMCA as a possible location, but also pointed to the Wagon Wheel roller skating rink, saying they’d learned the Wagon Wheel was on sale for $100,000.

Their proposal also mentioned that Casper has a number of unused buildings that could house an indoor skate park.

YEC Coordinator Brittlyn Bulgrin said that the skate park idea would be a good fit with the YEC’s #WYAMPLIFY campaign which she explained is focused on giving young adults access to substance-free activity choices.

Were the idea to move forward, more students may need to step forward and take leadership on the proposal. One of the students who presented the idea to the YEC said she will soon be moving away from Casper.

But she said there is definitely interest in an indoor skate park, saying that a more than 50 Roosevelt students signed a petition in support of the proposal.

The Youth Empowerment Council meets each Thursday from 7-8 p.m. on the top floor of Mercer Family Resource Center, which is located at 535 West Yellowstone Highway.