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Flag Development present Platte River Commons indoor athletics facility proposal

Flag Development, LLC. co-owner Brandon Daigle presented a proposal to build an indoor sports and athletics facility during the Wednesday, April 10 Amoco Reuse Agreement Joint Powers Board meeting.

The proposed facility would be built on an area known as the Platte River Commons which currently hosts Three Crowns Golf Course, the Tate Pumphouse, the Whitewater Kayak Park, the Bart Rae Learning Circle and some biking and walking paths.

Daigle emphasized that Flag Development’s proposal is only a preliminary proposal. The facility would be up to 90,000 square feet in size. Daigle suggested it could operate as the “west edge anchor” for development along the Platte River Commons.

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ARAJPB contracts Refined Properties, LLC to manage, market and develop the Platte River Commons. ARAJPB Board member Ben Schrader explained that Refined Properties sub-contracts Flag Development to conduct some strategies to develop the Platte River Commons.

Flag Development proposed building an indoor athletics facility similar to the indoor facility at Natrona County High School or the indoor University of Wyoming Field House.

Schrader said that a marketing study that was completed as part of a Master Plan for the Platte River Commons identified an indoor sports facility as a high demand for Casper.

Daigle explained that the indoor facility could be used by various local sports organizations such as the Casper Crush baseball team or the Casper Soccer Club.

He also said that tennis, youth softball, indoor golf, flag football and youth volleyball could utilize the proposed facility for practice and that the facility could host local and regional sporting events.

“This thing makes money,” Daigle said.

He also suggested that ARAJPB could retain ownership of the facility and contract with a third party vendor to manage the facility.

The ARAJPB board members said they would like to see the proposal continue to move forward. Daigle said that the next step would include putting a budget together and coming up with conceptual designs for ARAJPB to consider.

He added that the 10 acre site could potentially phase in outdoor sports fields. When board members asked about the potential costs, Daigle and Flag Development co-owner Kevin Hawley said that UW’s Field House cost around $11 million while the NCHS facility cost around $14 million.

Daigle said that while the proposed space would be similar in size to those facilities, it would be a less complicated project than NC’s indoor facility because that facility had to incorporate weight rooms and classroom space.

ARAJPB board member Jerad Stack pointed out that the proposal could potentially raise the property values around it, should it be built. He also said the proposal fell under the kind of usage for the property British Petroleum has approved.

Stack and Schrader sit on an ARAJPB sub-committee that works directly with Refinied Properties.

“We’re pretty excited about this,” Stack said.

Daigle added that while ARAJPB would initially own the facility under Flag Development’s proposal, they could also consider selling it down the road. He said this could be a way for ARAJPB to invest in the property and raise its value.

“You could sell the building as an asset,” Daigle said. “You’d be developing land you already have as an investment.”

The board said they’d like to see the proposal continue on to the next step.

“I think it is worth a pursuit,” ARAJPB Chairman Reed Merschat said at the end of Flag Development’s presentation.

ARAJPB is “responsible for the oversight of the Amoco Reuse Agreement, approved by the Natrona County Commissioners and Casper City Council on September 3, 1998,” according to the Natrona County government website.