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Backwards Distilling gets new satellite liquor license

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council approved Backwards Distilling Company’s application for a new Distillery Satellite liquor license during Council’s Tuesday, April 16 Council meeting.

The license allows Backwards to operate a satellite serving room at 214 South Wolcott, the former location of Bamboo Spa and Salon. In order to serve alcohol at that location, Backwards will need to close their serving operations at their Mills location.

“Backwards Distillery holds a manufacturer’s license and satellite permit in the Town of Mills,” a memo in Council’s work packet reads. “Only one satellite permit may operate in the State of Wyoming for each manufacturer’s license.”

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“When the satellite permit in the City of Casper is issued they will close the location in Mills to comply with the State Statue.”

Before they can open the satellite serving room at the 214 South Wolcott location, the Fire-EMS Department requires that a sprinkler and fire alarm system be installed, according to the memo.

Backwards Distilling co-owners Bill and Chad Pollock attended the Council meeting.