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City exploring additional wage and compensation opportunities for employees

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council discussed the possibility of establishing additional compensation opportunities for City employees during their Tuesday, May 14 work session.

“Staff would like to pursue and incorporate, organization wide, a system of rewarding higher, value-added performance and services by providing promotion and wage advancement opportunities, which will then benefit our citizenry in return,” a memo from City Manager Carter Napier reads.

“This will provide the incentive that would be similar to a pay for performance plan, without the use of subjective evaluations to merit these increases.”

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Napier said during the work session that the some departments such as the Fiire-EMS Department already have good incentive plans in place.

“[E]mployees covered by the Local 904 Collective Bargaining Agreement in the Fire-EMS Department already have an incentive based compensation structure with cumulative values that can be up to 7.5%,” Napier’s memo reads.

His memo also includes a proposed compensation structure from the police department.

“Under this new model, the advancements would be predicated upon the officer taking on assignments that require a degree of commitment and qualification while returning a high value service to the department and the community,” the memo states.

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Napier’s memo adds that the impetus for the discussion comes from Council directing City staff to explore additional wage and compensation possibilities and from City employees communicating that the current system is step-based and provides no additional compensation possibilities once they’ve reached their highest “band.”

Councilman Steve Freel said that he’d be willing to support the police department’s proposal, but would like to see more specifics about how the City might apply additional compensation models in other City departments.

Councilwoman Khrystyn Lutz said that she thought is was important the Council be aware that if they extend the compensation structure department by department, a perception of favoritism could potentially develop due to some departments having to wait for the changes to be put in place.

Napier said that the City would continue to analyze the possibilities as they relate to each department, and bring back further information for Council’s consideration.

He said that a proposal that the City Council could adopt may be ready toward the end of summer.

Further details about the police department’s proposal are included in the Council’s work session work packet.