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City preparing to sell former Source Gas lot

City of Casper

CASPER, Wyo. — The City of Casper plans to sell the former Source Gas lot to the private sector.

The property is owned by the City and is located in the Old Yellowstone District between South Walnut Street and South Spruce Street along West Midwest Avenue.

The City is finalizing the details they’ll include in the request for proposals to purchase the property. Community Development Director Liz Becher briefed the City Council about the plans during their pre-meeting Tuesday, June 4.

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“Is market-rate housing a preference item?” Councilwoman Khrystyn Lutz asked.

Becher said that the property is zoned for mixed-use but that residential use was a priority. She added that the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan, adopted in July 2017, did indeed identify market-rate housing as one of the priorities for development in the OYD.

Casper Mayor Charlie Powell said that the City’s previous efforts to sell the property did receive proposals that would have constructed housing on the lot.

The former Source Gas lot is a 2.469 acre piece of property. Becher said that the City will need to have it re-appraised as part of their request for proposals to purchase the property.

She said that a 2015 appraisal found the value of the property to be $1,187,000. Becher added that the City purchased the property at $10 per square foot.

The main question the Council tried to address on Tuesday was establishing a time frame in which proposals would be accepted.

Powell said that the City has faced criticism in the past for setting both too long and too short of time frames.

Council decided that a 90 day window to accept applications would be appropriate.

While the City has not yet said when they will open their request for proposals, Councilman Chris Walsh said he thought the plan was headed on the right track.

“It sounds like Liz has a plan penciled,” he said.

Becher said she’s hopeful that the City will receive some strong proposals.

“There’s interest out there, obviously, I think you all have heard it,” she told the Council.

A draft of the request for proposals rules was included in Council’s pre-meeting work packet.