American flags to be hung downtown to ‘create a more patriotic atmposphere’

CASPER, Wyo. — American flag banners will soon be hung in downtown Casper.

Parks and Recreation Director Tim Cortez suggested in a memo that the City purchase American flags to display downtown “to create a more patriotic downtown atmosphere.”

The Council discussed the suggestion during their Tuesday, June 11 work session.

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Cortez suggested in a memo that 34 flags be displayed and asked the Council to decide between two different style options.

The banner-style option would cost about $3,000 for the 34 flags, which would be two feet by four feet in size.

The other option would be for flags-on-a-pole and would come with a cost of about $1,190, according to Cortez’s memo. Those flags would be three feet by five feet.

Council preferred the banner option and gave their approval for City staff to move forward on the proposal.