Early morning construction disrupts neighbors in Mills

CASPER, Wyo. — Some home construction in Mills has been starting too early in the morning, a Mills resident says.

Mick Spalding told the Town Council on Wednesday, June 12 that some of his neighbors and himself think that the construction causes too much noise in the morning.

He asked that the Council consider passing an ordinance to restrict construction activities to 7 am to 8 pm.

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“They’re out there banging away at 6:05 am,” Spalding said. “This is ridiculous.”

He says that he brought his concerns directly to construction workers on site, but was told that they’d start even earlier the next day.

Spalding said that some people in the neighborhood are elderly and the noise disrupts their ability to get a full night’s rest.

“I understand they’re working, but you’ve got to be neighborly,” he said.

Mills Mayor Seth Coleman said he’d look into the issue. He said that might involve looking at whether an ordinance needs to be passed or asking the police department to handle the issue.