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Gallery: YEC skate competition kick starts indoor skate park fundraising

CASPER, Wyo. — The Youth Empowerment Council organized a skate competition to begin raising funds in their efforts to bring an indoor skate park to Casper.

Their “Game of Skate” took place at Boys & Girls Club Skate Park on Friday, June 21.

The competition was a lot like the basketball game of “Horse.” In “Horse” a basketball shooter takes a shot from anywhere on the court and in whatever style they please.

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If they make the shot, the next shooter must also make this shot, or else they record the letter “H” from “Horse.” Once a person has all five letters, they’ve been eliminated from the competition.

The YEC’s competition used the word “Skate.” The skaters broke into two divisions, one for youth under 18 and another for over-18 skaters.

After determining their skate order through a game of “rock-paper-scissors,” the first skater then attempts to set a trick. If they successfully complete this trick, the other skaters must also complete it or they get the letter “S” from “Skate.”

Participants had to pay a $3 fee to enter the competition. The YEC will use these funds in their campaign to bring an indoor skate park that they say will give Casper youth more things to do in town.

The skaters weren’t only from Casper. A couple of grandparents travelled from Gillette to watch their grandson compete.

The YEC says the indoor skate park would likely be open to more than just skateboarders. On Friday too, some people watched the competition from their bikes and scooters.

Food was served and music played as the skaters took turns trying out each other’s tricks.

The YEC has already selected a logo for their indoor skate park campaign.

The logo was designed by YEC member Kynlee Jolley who said fellow member Jordan Burt gave her the idea.

Genna Pickett with LMTD Skateboards helped organize the competition.

She attended some YEC meetings after learning that the group was interested in bringing an indoor skate park to town.

The idea for the skate park first came from some Roosevelt High School students who presented it to the YEC during their April 4 meeting.

YEC Coordinator Brittlyn Bulgrin said that skate park supporters in Laramie, Gillette, Jackson and Fort Collins have already reached out to voice their enthusiasm and offer assistance.

Bulgrin added that the American Ramp Company has also reached out to the YEC, saying that they can help maximize their resources once they have a plan in place.

The YEC is still in the early stages of their plans, but one citizen suggested during a City Council meeting that the former Plains Furniture Building might be a good space for their proposal.

Check out more photos from Friday’s skate competition below: