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Casper mom still in the running to land ‘Inked Cover Girl’ spot

Photo courtesy of Cari Faye Photography

CASPER, Wyo. — The last time Oil City spoke with Casper mom Rachel Warner, she was just entering an “Inked Magazine Cover Girl” contest.

Now, Warner has advanced through several rounds. The cutoff to vote to support Warner during this round is 9 pm Mountain Time Wednesday, July 17.

“The fact that I’m still in the contest is completely humbling,” she said on Monday.

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Warner says that she is among the 2% of contestants remaining, meaning that she’s outlasted most of the approximately 30,000 women who entered.

“That I’m still in [the contest] speaks monuments to the fact that people do pay attention and do take the time to vote,” Warner said. “We have a really great community in Casper, we really do.”

Courtesy of Rachel Warner

Warner is the mother of 10-year old twin girls. Her daughters both agree that it is pretty cool she’s made it so far in the competition.

Part of the reason she entered the contest was to show her daughters how to be bold.

“I try to be a good role model for my girls,” Warner said. “I want them to know it is okay to be beautiful, it is okay to be strong and it is okay to be different.”

Her daughters have even gotten involved in taking some photographs to capture their mom in her element. Warner shared a photo snapped by her daughter Betsy Warner:

Photo courtesy of Betsy Warner

“Both of my girls are super artistic,” Warner said. “I encourage them to express themselves in any art form they choose. Whether that’s music, painting, photography or whatever. We spend a lot of our free time doing those activities.”

Casper photographer Cari Faye captured the photos that Warner is using to run in the contest. Warner says her talent is a big part of what’s gotten her this far.

“It also speaks wonders for Cari because she is an amazing photographer,” Warner said. “She deserves just as much credit as I do.”

People from Casper and even some from out of state have been coming up to Warner in recent weeks when they see her out-and-about, expressing their support.

Warner said that they tell her things like, “‘We think it’s really cool that you put yourself out there in a tasteful way.'”

“For me it should be about the tattoos,” Warner added. “Sex doesn’t have to sell everything.”

The amount of community support has been a pleasant surprise.

“Being from Casper, I don’t think there are a lot of people who put themselves out there on a national level,” Warner said. “It’s really cool that complete strangers support people in a small community.”

Photo courtesy of Cari Faye Photography

But Warner said that some people seem to think the contest is over, asking her how it went. The contest is currently in its fifth round of voting.

The contestants were split into groups at the start of the competition and each round of voting has gradually honed in on the top models in each.

Warner is currently third among the five remaining models in her group. After the voting deadline on Wednesday, only the top model will secure a definite spot in the next round, though the second-place vote-getters in each group will face off in a Wildcard Round.

The winner of that Wilcard Round will join the group stage winners in the semi-finals voting round.

People can vote for free once per day. They are also able to purchase additional votes for $1 a piece, with proceeds going to benefit “MusiCares.”

“Since 1993, the Recording Academy’s charity MusiCares has been providing services and resources to cover a wide range of financial, medical, and personal emergencies for music people in times of need,” Inked explains on the competition website.

Photo courtesy of Cari Faye Photography

“Last year Inked Cover Girl was able to donate a total of $194,008.78 to MusiCares and we look forward to continuing to support this incredible organization again in 2019.”

Warner has been thinking about the contest and the possibility of taking home the $25,000 prize.

“$25,000 is life altering for most people,” she said. “Most of that is going to go to my children.”

Money is not the only opportunity the contest could allow.

“I think it has the potential to open some life-changing doors,” Warner said. “You don’t ever really know what is going to come from experiences like this.”

“I think it could lead to some awesome stuff.”

Warner said she is really grateful for the support she has received so far and hopes people will support her push to get to the next round.

“It just makes me really grateful,” Warner said. “Everything has been so positive.”

UPDATE: Warner has advanced to the final round of the contest. People can vote for her until Thursday, Aug. 8 to help her win the competition.