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Members appointed to Council for People with Disabilities

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council passed a resolution authorizing the creation of “Casper’s Council for People with Disabilities” during their Tuesday, July 16 meeting.

That Council will help advise the City Council on matters pertaining to people with disabilities “as they relate to activities of daily living; including employment, recreation, transportation, architectural accessibility” or other areas of concern.

The idea to create such a Council modeled after a similar one on Cheyenne was brought to the Casper City Council during their March 12 work session.

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In addition to authorizing the creation of the new Council for People with Disabilities, the City Council also approved the appointment of the following officers and members:

Officers with one year terms:

  • Chairman: Luane Plumb
  • Vice Chair: Mary Price
  • Secretary: Renate Pullen
  • Treasurer: Zulima Lopez

Member to serve 2 years terms:

  • Austin Berlin (with Eric Distad as an alternate)
  • Masha Flinn
  • Liz Ladeburg
  • Arthur Leroy Pauly Jr.
  • Steven McNichols
  • John Wall
  • Bonnie Wilson

Members to serve for 3 years:

  • Nicole Green
  • Linda Jones
  • Marcella Marie Maher
  • Michelle Onstott
  • Luane Plumb
  • Renate Pullen
  • Mary Price

The City Council also approved the group’s by-laws in their adoption of the resolution. Those are available for review in Council’s meeting packet.