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65 animals removed from ‘extreme hoarding’ situation (PHOTOS)

CASPER, Wyo. – The exact number of animals removed from an “extreme animal hoarding” situation on Wednesday, July 17 are now known.

Casper Police Department Public Information Officer Rebekah Ladd said that 42 dogs, 14 cats, 8 parrots and 1 chicken were removed from a residence on the 1200 block of West 23rd Street.

“I feel sorry for all the animals,” a neighbor watching the scene said. “I’m just sick to my stomach.”

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One woman residing there is likely to face some charges in the case, but those charges have not been released. Officials say she is unlikely to be charged with a felony.

When Metro Animal Control Officers responded to the scene at about 11:30 am, the situation was much worse than they had anticipated, but a district attorney on scene later said that it appeared that she had been at least trying to feed and care for the animals.

No deceased animals were reported.

One of the parrots mimicked a Metro officer who spoke to the bird in between fetching water for the animal.

“Hello,” she said, with the bird parroting back the sound. “What are you doing?”

The smell on scene was apparent from the street, particularly when winds came from the direction of the house.

In addition to metro and police officers, firefighters were on scene to help with sanitation and to remove branches and clutter in the backyard of the house to allow a pathway to remove the large metal bird cages.

Ladd said that Adult Protective Services, which is part of the Department of Family Services, was also on scene, though she did not give details as to what they were doing.

Media on scene was asked to stay back, particularly when the bird cages were removed. Ladd said that officers were concerned about the parrots possibly biting them.

Ladd said that an organization located in Riverton who adopts birds had offered to help take in the parrots, but Ladd did not confirm whether that will happen.

She added that the animals were being taken to the Casper Metro Animal Control shelter, which was already near capacity before the hoarding situation was discovered.

Ladd said that the shelter would be stretched very thin by the influx of the animals.

Oil City will provide further details when those are made available.