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Mills Animal Control Completes First Year of Operation


CASPER, Wyo. — Mills Animal Control has completed its first full year of operations as of June 30, 2019.

“The success of the Mills Animal Control Program has depended largely on the citizens of the Town of Mills and their diligence in reporting animal related problems,” according to Kate Acord, Public Information Officer of the Mills Animal Control, in a written statement. The program also acknowledges the roles of the Casper Humane Society and the Mills Police Department, allowing them to care for the animals and operate 24/7.

Any animal impounded in Mills kennels is cared for by the Casper Humane Society. Animals not claimed within five days become the property of the Town of Mills and transported to the Casper Humane Society for adoption.

Following the completion of their first year, the Mills Community Service Officers provide a few reminders to pet owners:

  • Licensing and vaccinating pets for Rabies is a requirement by Mills Ordinance. Owners of a dog or cat over the age of 6 months “discovered to be unlicensed or with no Rabies vaccination certification may be cited.”
  • If the pet does not have a microchip, they must be registered annually.
  • Ensure there are no points on fences and other containment areas where a pet could escape. “At large” dogs are a common citation issue.

Within the first year, Mills Animal Control reports that they worked on:

  • 487 Total Calls through Communication Center and Direct call in
  • 167 Animal Impounds (Dogs & Cats from Calls & Self-Initiated)
  • 1 Other Impound (Ferret)
  • 9 Dog & Cat Bites (Direct call in & Dispatched)
  • 2 Other Bites (1 Squirrel & 1 Ferret)
  • 519 Pet Licenses Issued