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Kendall looks to represent families on Casper City Council

Photo courtesy of Emily Kendall

CASPER, Wyo. — Emily Kendall wants to be a voice for mothers and families on the Casper City Council.

She’s applied to fill the Ward III vacancy left by former Councilman Chris Walsh’s resignation.

“I would love to have an opportunity to represent mothers and families on the council,” Kendall said in a Saturday email. “I hope to accomplish this by reaching out to the community as much as possible.” 

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“I am very interested in implementing polls, both online and throughout the city.  I would like to engage students at the college and high schools to help accomplish this.”

Kendall says that she came to Casper when her husband took a job here.

“I have young children, and my youngest was born here,” she said. “I have met so many people here who are in the same situation that I am; families that are trying to find our place here in Casper.”

“I applied for the vacancy on the city council not because I have aspirations of becoming a politician, but because I feel like we need more representation for people like me on the council.” 

Kendall says that the current council has good representatives “for businesses and established members of our community.”

“Business is important, it’s what brings people to Casper,” she said. “But our families are what keep us here, and I want to make sure we are represented, too.”

Kendall has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Utah State University, according to the application she sent to the City.

She’s worked as a logistics specialist for Blanchard Valley Health System in Ohio, as a billing and financial specialist for Cache Valley Community Health System in Utah and as a billing specialist at the Central Billing Office in Logan, Utah.

She also worked as a head teacher and recruiter for an international languages program in Provo, Utah.

“I am applying to be a member of the Casper City Council because I feel that through my education and life experiences I would add diversity to the current city council,” she wrote in her application.

“As a council member I would strive foremost to learn and represent the interests of my fellow community members, while also expressing my personal interest in improving our natural spaces and making Casper a more family friendly place.”