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Kindergarten class sizes to be increased in Natrona schools

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Kindergarten classes in the Natrona County School District will have about 19 students per class, an increase of one student over the past academic year.

An additional kindergarten section will also be opened at Bar Nunn Elementary School to handle large enrollment numbers, the district added.

“At this time, we have incoming Kindergarten students without a placement,” NCSD spokesperson Tanya Southerland said. “All other grade levels across the District have room for enrollment of students.”

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“We are still down in enrollment numbers at the other Elementary grade levels. Understandably, some families have chosen to wait for an opening at one of the schools they chose during the Open Enrollment process. We absolutely understand the desire to do so.”

The district is working to help find placements for all of the students.

“Throughout the summer we have been working with principals, staff, and families to place Kindergarten students,” Southerland said in the Tuesday, Aug. 6 release. “Often times, families move out of the District over the summer, thus creating openings.”

“Over the next few days, our Enrollment office will be working together with schools, principals, and families to continue to provide placement opportunities. We are looking forward to a great school year and greatly appreciate our parents, staff, and community for their partnership in creating exceptional learning environments for all students.”