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Smoke from Brimstone Fire may be visible to Yellowstone visitors

(Yellowstone National Park)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Brimstone Fire in Yellowstone National Park was detected on Aug. 26, according to the National Park Service.

The fire grew to 80 acres on Wednesday with hot, dry weather conditions.

Smoke may be visible from the following areas:

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  • Bridge Bay
  • Lake Village
  • Fishing Bridge
  • East Entrance Road
  • communities east of the park.

The fire does not pose a threat to visitors, according to the park service.

This map shows details of following closed areas:

  • Campsites 5E1, 5E2, 5E3, 5E4, 5E5, 5E6, 6B4
  • Thorofare Trail between 5E8 (just south of the spur trail to 5E8 campsite) and Beaverdam Creek 
  • Hikers can check the current status of the trail and campsites at Backcountry Situation Report.  

“Due to the increased fire activity and additional closures, park staff are working hard to reroute backpackers around the impacted area,” the park service said.

“When managing a fire, park personnel also manage risk. Managers will monitor the fire and prepare long term management plans that address safety of firefighters and the public, protection of structures, and natural and cultural resources.”

The fire was likely caused by lightning and is burning in a spruce and fir forest.

“The Greater Yellowstone area is a fire-adapted ecosystem,” said the park service. “Fire plays an important role in maintaining the health of this area’s wildlife habitat and vegetation.”

Fire danger is high in Yellowstone though there are no fire restrictions in place.

“Campfires are only permitted within established fire rings in campgrounds and some backcountry campsites,” the park service said.

The Brimstone Fire is one of four active fires in Yellowstone.