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New signs will help people find the way around Casper in style (PHOTOS)

CASPER, Wyo. — Signs play a role in helping people navigate a community, but they can also spruce up the visual attractiveness of the space and help provide it with a cohesive identity.

New conceptual sign designs were shown to Casper area residents on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at City Hall.

The Casper Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is showing off the designs which have been suggested by consultant RDG Planning & Design.

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Ryan Peterson with RDG said that the goal is to have a unified signage system throughout the Casper area. He said that wayfinding involves both signage and gateways to the community.

Once a final set of designs are decided upon and once the MPO finishes their “Wayfinding Master Plan,” signs will start to go up in Casper, Bar Nunn, Evansville, Mills and Natrona County in summer 2020.

“We heard early and often…that we should embrace the natural beauty,” Peterson said. “We want to make sure that the system is flexible and can grow in the future.”

The public has identified places like Casper Mountain, the downtown, David Street Station, Alcova and the Platte River as top destinations in the area.

Signs might go up along the way to Alcova, for example.

“There needs to be a repetition of the destination on the sign,” he said.

Platte River Trails Trust Executive Director Angela Emery said during the session that better signage on Casper Mountain is something she’s frequently been told people would like to see.

Peterson says public input has guided RDG’s designs for the signage. He explained that the color palette proposed is one way to draw upon the natural beauty of the area.

He introduced the graphic elements which have been proposed for each area, noting, for example, that the Bar Nunn proposals draw upon airplane images and the eagle is featured for Mills.

(Casper Area MPO)

He explained that Department of Transportation rules defined things like the size and type of lettering in the designs.

“We’re also looking at the shape,” he said.

(Casper Area MPO)

For gateway signs leading into the various communities, Peterson said that preliminary feedback has suggested weathered steel is a preferred material.

(Casper Area MPO)

Utilizing landscaping to enhance gateways is something else that RDG suggests be incorporated into such projects.

Mayor Charlie Powell asked about the bridge under the railroad on Center Street leading into downtown has been a focus for the consultant. He asked whether the bridge itself might be used for the signage.

Peterson said it might be a possibility.

The MPO will incorporate feedback from the public input sessions to revise their designs moving forward. People in attendance on Tuesday were asked to fill out surveys.

Peterson said that surveys will be put up online in the future to give people another opportunity to provide feedback.

(Casper Area MPO)

The signage will also be incorporated into map and route designs to help residents and visitors alike navigate the community:

(Casper Area MPO)

As they’ve been preparing their wayfinding efforts, the MPO has also identified locations important to residents and visitors based on public feedback.

For residents, these are the top ten most frequently identified popular destinations:

  1. Casper Mountain
  2. Downtown
  3. Alcova Lake
  4. North Platte River
  5. David Street Station
  6. Garden Creek Falls
  7. Parks
  8. Rotary Park
  9. Bridle Trail
  10. Mall

These destinations were identified as the top places to point visitors to:

  1. Casper Mountain
  2. Downtown
  3. Alcova Lake
  4. Restaurants
  5. David Street Station
  6. Garden Creek Falls
  7. Rotary Park
  8. North Platte River
  9. Tate Geological Museum
  10. Trails Center