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Casper woman arrested for alleged drug possession and felony credit card theft

Danielle Rickert (Casper Police Department)

CASPER, Wyo. — Police have arrested a Casper woman they allege was in possession of misdemeanor amounts of methamphetamine and marijuana and committed felony-level unlawful credit card use.

Danielle Rickert, 24, was arrested on Thursday, Oct. 24.

According to an affidavit provided by the Casper Police Department, a citizen reported their wallet stolen on Oct. 10. That individual reported their credit card had been used at Albertson’s and Walmart.

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The individual had been contacted by their bank on the morning of Oct. 10 to notify them of suspicious activity on their debit card. The individual recalled their last use of the card the night before at the Casper Ice Arena and thought the wallet may have been stolen there.

Officer Gabe Webb responded to the reporting individual’s residence and had them call their bank on speaker phone. Webb learned that someone had attempted to use a credit card to make a $257.95 purchase at Walmart, but this transaction was denied.

The citizen’s debit card was later used to make multiple purchases totaling $590.11, all at Walmart.

The debit card was later used to attempt to make purchases at both Smith’s Food & Drug ($125.50) and the CY Alberton’s ($455.95) but both transactions were denied.

In the course of the investigation, the officer discovered that the Walmart transactions were allegedly made by two different subjects: Rickert and Jason Jennings.

Walmart surveillance footage was used to identify the suspects, the affidavit explains.

A tattoo on the right side of Rickert’s neck from a Casper PD booking photo was used to identify her. Webb obtained a photo from Walmart which allegedly shows one of the suspects making a transaction at the Customer Service counter.

Video footage showed Rickerts and Jennings leaving in a black Jeep.

On Oct. 24, officers went to a residence on North Jefferson where they contacted Rickert. The affidavit says she answered the door when they knocked.

Dispatch told Webb that Rickert had a warrant for forgery out of Natrona County. Webb informed her of this and told her he was placing her under arrest for unlawful credit card use as well.

After being advised of her rights, Rickert reportedly agreed to talk with Webb.

During the interview, Rickert reportedly told Webb that Jennings had contacted her on the morning of Oct. 10 to go shopping.

She is reported to have said they went to Walmart and bought iPhones. Rickert said she thought the credit and debit cards belonged to Jennings and “she had no idea they were stolen,” the affidavit states.

Rickert reportedly told Webb she had drugs on her person. Officer Nicholas Moore searched her, allegedly locating:

  • a hypodermic needle
  • a small bag containing suspected methamphetamine
  • a small bag containing suspected marijuana
  • a black Apple iPhone

Rickert was then transported to the Casper Police Department where Detective Anthony Stedillie interviewed her.

When asked whether the phone had been purchased at Walmart with a stolen bank card, the affidavit says Rickert responded: “I don’t know, it could be.”

Webb calculated the total of attempted fraudulent purchases to be $1,429.51. The affidavit explains that unlawful use of a credit card in an amount over $1,000 is considered a felony.

A field kit test of the substances in the baggies was conducted by Webb and both tested positive for methamphetamine and marijuana. Each was weighed to be 0.7 grams.

Rickert was booked into the Natrona County Detention Center for misdemeanor controlled substance possession and felony unlawful use of a credit card.